NADA 2022: Rapid Recon, Transparency and Accountability in Recon

NADA 2022: Rapid Recon: Transparency, Accountability in Recon

With the Rapid Recon system, all teams are held accountable so that vehicles make it to the front line faster.

Keith Brice of Rapid Recon explains how the company provides dealers with transparency, communication and accountability resources to keep the reconditioning process smooth and fast.

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Keith Brice: Hi, this is Keith Brice, I’m director of new business development with Rapid Recon. Prior to becoming a Rapid Recon employee, I worked in the car dealership for about 28 years as a comp controller and a fixed ops director. I was able to use the product on the dealership side. Like myself, many of our staff came out of the auto business. We understand reconditioning because we’ve done reconditioning.

So really what’s important to me are really three things with Rapid Recon. Number one’s transparency. That means that as the dealer operator, you’re going to be able to know where every single vehicle is, who’s got it, what they’re doing to that vehicle and how long they’ve had it. Transparency is heightened because now you’re able to do everything right here in the palm of your hand on your mobile device, as well as your laptop, your desktop or any mobile device.

Communication’s a very important part of our system too, because with communication, now everything can be communicated electronically within Rapid Recon — all the documentation, all the notes, all the pictures, all the estimates, everything is going to be contained within Rapid Recon. And we keep that record as a permanent record and archive it for you.

And finally, accountability, probably my biggest hot button as a user in the dealership. Now we’re able to hold the variable team accountable, the fixed team accountable. We can hold the technician accountable if you want to. Because now with Rapid Recon, there’s no room to hide. Everything’s in the clear light of day, everyone’s held accountable and the vehicle tends to pick up speed and make itself to the front line a lot faster.

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