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3 Reasons Auto Appraisals Shouldn’t Be Up to Managers Alone

Having salespeople handle appraisals allows the dealership to jumpstart their recon to retail timeline and get vehicles moving swiftly through the recon workflow process on their way to the lot and into the garages of their customers.

How Are You Telling the ‘Story’ of Your Pre-Owned Inventory?

Focus on giving customers the new-car buying experience even with a pre-owned unit.

Digital Retailing: Inadequate Solution for Talent Shortage

When salespeople are better equipped for success, they’re more likely to make more sales and to stick around.

Adapt or Fade, Part 1

Dealers can learn from the missteps brick-and-mortars have gone through, and learn how to better adapt their businesses.

Let’s Talk Pre-Delivery Inspections

It’s time to modernize your PDI process by tossing out your manual checklist and utilizing a digital workflow process.

How to Unlock the Sales Potential of Today’s Generation

Put these principles to the top of mind in your organization and you will unlock the sales potential of today’s generation.

How Will Dealerships Increase Profits in 2022?

Here are ways to be proactive and strategize around recruiting and retaining new car leads.

How Automation Can Help in a Time of Low-Inventory, High-Demand

When salespeoples’ to-do lists are filled, automation can free up their time to focus on live customers instead of chasing down potential ones.

Stop Making Your BDC Staff Do It All

Learn how to elevate employee satisfaction and output by lifting the burden of time-consuming transactions.

Dealership Taps Service Lane for Fresh Inventory with Kiosk’s Help

Some dealers have turned to familiar places to find inventory. Read how one has leveraged a fixed ops tool that many have overlooked.

What Happens When the Acute Chip Shortage Turns Chronic?

Safety recalls are often found after the vehicle has left the lot. Getting those customers back in for repairs has tangible benefits.

Why Pushy Sales Tactics Are in the Past

It’s time to abandon the traditional selling tactics, like cold calling, and switch to a system that actually works.