Executive Spotlight with Paul Sansone Jr.

Executive Spotlight with Paul Sansone Jr.

Paul Sansone Jr. discusses his evolution from car dealer to his initiatives like Dealer Controlled Leasing and Hope for a Ride program.

In an enlightening AutoSuccess Executive Spotlight interview, host Brian Ankney chats with Paul Sansone Jr., a dynamic figure in the automotive industry — and two-time AutoSuccess Champions of Charity honoree! Sansone, a second-generation car dealer with a diverse portfolio including dealerships, technology and banking companies, shares his journey and the innovative approaches he’s taken to enhance his businesses and contribute positively to the community.

Sansone relates how his success in retail car sales laid the foundation for his other business ventures, all designed to make car selling more efficient and profitable.

Sansone highlights his efforts in tackling the high turnover rates in car sales and how his focus on professional development and branding has led to higher sales growth, margins and customer loyalty.

Recognizing the growing Hispanic community in New Jersey, Sansone has made concerted efforts to make his dealership Hispanic-friendly, accounting for a significant portion of his sales.

Addressing the challenges faced by customers with less-than-perfect credit, Sansone developed Dealer Controlled Leasing, offering a lease-here, pay-here service. This program not only helps customers acquire vehicles despite credit challenges but also assists in improving their credit scores, demonstrating Sansone’s commitment to serving his community’s needs.

Sansone also discusses his community initiative, “Hope for a Ride,” where he collaborates with local pastors to donate cars to individuals in need, further cementing his dealership’s reputation and connection with the community.

Sansone shares insights into the future of car sales and financing, emphasizing the importance of adapting to market realities and exploring new revenue streams like his leasing company, which promises significant profitability with minimal staff.

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