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NADA 2022: Impel, an eCommerce Evolution

In addition to unveiling the new company name, Impel announces F&I Pursuit, which leverages AI technology.

NADA 2022: Rapid Recon: Transparency, Accountability in Recon

With the Rapid Recon system, all teams are held accountable so that vehicles make it to the front line faster.

NADA 2022: DealerSure, Making Insurance Easy

DealerSure makes updating a customer’s auto insurance a seamless part of the auto-buying process.

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NADA 2022: AutoStaff: Helping Dealers Hire, Train and Retain Top Talent

AutoStaff does the heavy lifting in sourcing, screening and scheduling top candidates for your dealership.

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NADA 2022: STELLA Automotive AI Debuts Virtual Digital Assistant

Stella, an artificial intelligent digital voice assistant, can answer the phone in one ring, lower hold times, answer frequently asked questions and book service appointments.

NADA 2022: AUL Corp. Income Development Solutions

AUL prides itself on its agents, its products and its income development solutions.

NADA 2022: Wikimotive, Improving Your Digital Strategy

There are a range of solutions that can help you on your way to profitability, starting with a well-configured website and an SEO solution.

Zach Billings
NADA 2022: FlickFusion Video Marketing Tools

The dealership model is not gone, but it is changing and FlickFusion wants to use the power of video, the data-driven portion behind that video and the emotional aspect of car buying to help all dealers move into the future of this platform.

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NADA 2022: Velocity Automotive Is Automating Dealership Success

The Velocity Automotive platform is about taking the dealer from recon to retail, with window stickers, a recon tool and a digital portfolio tool that markets the vehicle after it goes through recon.

NADA 2022: Byrider: Partnering with Dealers

Byrider provides the new car dealer with opportunities to join the buy-here/pay-here industry. The company provides underwriting, marketing and social media support.

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Podcast: Industry Tips from Gaudin Ford

Wesley Gregg of Gaudin Ford, discusses his company’s massive business anniversary, the company culture at Gaudin and the NADA show

NADA Donates $25,000 to the Travis Mills Foundation at NADA Show 2022

The National Automobile Dealers Association presented a $25,000 donation to the Travis Mills Foundation on Sunday, March 13 at NADA Show 2022.