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The Car-A-Minute” Car Wash Insta-Kleen by Belanger

With the insta-KLEEN™ ‘Car A Minute’ wash, you can deliver a clean car every 60 seconds. As a drive-thru car wash, it outruns hand washing, hands down – and steamrolls the typical rollover wash.

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How much time and money do you spend washing cars, right now? If you’re hand washing or counting on the typical ‘rollover wash,’ it’s eating your profits and wasting valuable time, every day.

With the insta-KLEEN™ ‘Car A Minute’ wash, you can deliver a clean car every 60 seconds. As a drive-thru car wash, it outruns hand washing, hands down – and steamrolls the typical rollover wash.

This can save you $45,000 per year vs. hand washing 1,500 cars per month – and give you 6 times the speed of the rollover. So you can focus on service, without giving your car wash a second thought.

The insta-KLEEN™ by Belanger is a severe-duty, drive-thru car wash system designed with the needs of car dealers, rental car agencies and other fleet customers in mind. Based on Belanger’s industry-leading Legend™ tunnel line, the field-proven insta-KLEEN draws on decades of engineering know-how to create the simplest, most rugged wash system possible.

Built on the strength of our aircraft-grade aluminum framework, the insta-KLEEN stands the test of time with a minimum of moving parts. Where motion is required, the insta-KLEEN relies on automotive-rated bearings or lube-free pivot points – for minimal maintenance needs and easy servicing.

Unlike ‘rollover’ systems that must move the entire wash unit over each vehicle, making multiple passes up and down floor-mounted ‘train tracks,’ the insta-KLEEN framework is a pillar of strength that remains in place for the ultimate in structural integrity. Unmatched Throughput –

Of course, cars are designed to move – and do so in a highly controllable way. The insta-KLEEN leverages this fact, standing ready to wash any vehicle driven through its guiderails. This drive-thru wash format is unparalleled in its throughput – delivering a clean car every 60 seconds.

Simply put, with the insta-KLEEN, ‘if you can drive the car, you can wash it.‘ Any employee can wash cars as needed – whether it’s a salesperson, mechanic or porter – with a minimum of training. And because the wash takes only 60 seconds, the payroll expense is both minimal and well-distributed.

Since the insta-KLEEN doesn’t move over the car, there is no wasted motion – and its electrical use is lower than any rollover. In fact, the entire system can use as little as 4 HP of electrical power.

Water use is less, too – since the insta-KLEEN is designed to clean in a single pass. Unlike rollovers that must make multiple passes over the vehicle, the insta-KLEEN is built to wash the car effectively in one shot – using as few as 20 GPM of water total (and as little as 6 GPM of fresh water).

What’s more, the ‘wear parts’ on the insta-KLEEN are all bolt-on items that are designed for easy accessibility, simple maintenance, and expedient replacement as needed – thereby preserving the structural components for a lifetime of positive returns on your car wash investment.

Isn’t that worth a closer look?  Click here to learn more now!

Sponsored by OPW – Belanger.

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