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Podcast: Enhancing Customer Connection in Dealer

Gary Marcotte, senior vice president of customer engagement innovation at Outsell, and Guy Super, vice president of sales for Outsell, discuss how dealer groups can

Podcast: Best Practices for Implementing Digital

Chris Gugliotta, senior vice president of WebBuy, discusses some best practices and tips for implementing digital retailing at your dealership.

Podcast: Resources for Becoming a Better

On this leadership podcast, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to get their thoughts on what resources they recommend to help others become


Construction or Renovation: How to Specify the Right Combination of Door Types While Maintaining Budget & Brand Compliance

Air Date: March 16, 2021

In the past, selecting doors for your dealership was a matter of specifying the least expensive roll-up door available. Now, doors mean much more to the retail automotive building design...

Create Transparency & Certainty With Automated Vehicle Inspection

Air Date: January 21, 2021

Traditional inspections are inefficient for dealers. It takes a lot of time to check the exterior of the vehicle, lift it to view the undercarriage, and examine tires. Often issues...

How to Reach Your Service Absorption Goals and Increase Profitability in a Few Easy Steps

Air Date: October 06, 2020

Every dealership in North America strives to maintain service absorption rates of 85% or higher — yet only a handful of dealers hit the 3-digit level of absorption percentage. A...