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Road to AAPEX, Ep. 4: Shifting Vehicle Service Gears
Rare Lincoln Blackwood Means a Hunt for Rare Parts: The Road to AAPEX S2E3
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Dealer Service September 2023

From the Dealer Service September 2023 Issue

How to Turn 1.5HPRO into 2.0HPRO

With all the downward pressure on sales per repair order, how do you take your service advisor from average or below average to a service sales superstar?

Finding the Cause of Brake Pulls

Here are a few tips to follow when diagnosing brake pull during a test drive.

Ignition System Do’s and Don’ts

Your first tool for diagnosing an ignition issue is your eyes. Spend some time inspecting the coil’s connector, boot and the spark plug. Often the cause of an ignition system problem will present itself.

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