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Podcast: Turbocharge Your Radio

Larry Barditch, Regional Vice President of Sales focusing on Automotive for iHeart Media, joins us to discuss secrets to turbocharge your radio advertising.

Podcast: Utilize Your Customer

Todd Smith, President and CEO for 360Converge, joins us to discuss how dealerships can better utilize their customer data in their marketing efforts.

Podcast: Photo Quality Affects Consumers’

Brad King, president of Dealermade, joins us to discuss your inventory photo quality and how that affects consumer trust.


Webinar: Revisiting Your CRM Processes to Increase Profitability

CRM processes play an enormous role in how cars are sold at a dealership, and yet many dealers are failing to examine the effectiveness of their workflows. This webinar will teach you how to recognize when your CRM processes aren’t working, and how to start making CRM process improvements.

Data Segmentation: The Secret to Customer Satisfaction and Retention with Special Guest Mo Zahabi 

  Published February 28, 2017 ​The auto industry’s rapid growth may be drawing to a close, but there’s no reason to panic if fewer new customers come through your door. Your existing customers are a gold mine of opportunities. If you can identify which customers in your database are ready...

“Where do we start?” – Video Strategy 101 

  Ted Dupuy National Accounts Flick Fusion Published December 15, 2016​ ​Many dealerships are implementing video into their marketing strategy, and in doing so, are reaping the rewards. In addition, there are many dealerships, like yours, that understand the importance of implementing video but the thought of adding yet another...

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