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Executive Spotlight with Yaron Saghiv of UVeye
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May 2024
Auto Success May 2024

From the May 2024 Issue

Wikimotive explores the complexities of digital privacy in business - compliance
COMPLIANCE: A Necessary Evil or a Million-Dollar Mistake?

Explore the complexities of digital privacy in business, including the impact of consent banners on marketing analytics and the balance between legal compliance and operational effectiveness. Learn how to navigate the risks and rewards of digital data management.

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How to Gain Additional Insights Into Your Customers’ Spending Power
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March 26, 2024
  • Brian Epro, Strategic Alliance Manager, Equifax
  • Bobby Gaudreau, VP, Sales and Marketing, Activator Dealer Solutions
  • Susan Givens, Publisher, AutoSuccess

During this webinar, our presenters will discuss a new approach that supercharges traditional equity mining by tapping into 3rd party data.

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