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Keys to Service Loaner Fleet Profitability

I speak with several dealers a day about their service loaner fleets. From my experience, dealer knowledge about their fleet metrics and profitability varies greatly. Some dealers have their fleet management down to a science and make a great deal of money by carefully tracking their loaner vehicles. Other dealers have no loaner fleets or very small fleets with many preferring to contract loaner management out to third parties.

Schomp Automotive Group wasn’t content to sell cars the same way as their competitors. See how they’ve structured their marketing efforts to better connect with both new clients and established customers by taking into account the changing ways they prefer to shop.

Agricultural communities don’t usually lend themselves to successful automotive dealerships due to the low drive-by traffic, but one dealership has plowed through the competition of massive auto malls and made a distinct name for itself in the Golden State.

Freedom Auto Group – Improving Lives, Helping Customers

Most customers don’t arrive at a car dealership thinking their life will be improved during the process of buying a vehicle. But at Freedom Auto Group in Pennsylvania, that’s exactly what the owners seek for their customers — life improvement.

Staying Focused and Reinventing

When your dealership is facing stiff competition, the difference between success and failure comes down to two elements — standing out from the competition and building customer loyalty. To compete in today’s automotive industry, top dealerships must “reinvent the wheel” just to stay relevant in an aggressive market.