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Mark Queen of SKAI Vision
Executive Spotlight with Mark Queen of SKAI Vision
Euwart Anderson from Vehlo. Anderson, as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Vehlo's dealership division, discusses the structure and objectives of Vehlo, which comprises 16 brands across three divisions: dealership, payments and aftermarket. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on customer needs and offers insights into Vehlo's strategic acquisitions, particularly in the reconditioning space with Rapid Recon and Velocity Automotive.
Executive Spotlight with Euwart Anderson of Vehlo
Chris Forgione of Formula Automotive. Dive into the crucial topic of Warranty Rate Disparity and discover strategies to boost your dealership's profitability!
Executive Spotlight with Chris Forgione of Formula Automotive
Jason Girdner, CEO of Tecobi and an expert in automotive digital communications, about the complexities of digital communication in the automotive industry, focusing on the 10 Digit Long Code (10 DLC).
Special Executive Spotlight with Jason Girdner of TECOBI
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February 2024

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TECOBI, artificial intelligence, Hybrid Intelligence,
Hybrid Intelligence: The Seamless Fusion of Human and Artificial Minds

Learn how Hybrid Intelligence hasn't just turned this dealership around, but has set it on a path to unprecedented growth and success in a challenging market.

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