Executive Spotlight: DealerPRO Training's Kristin Williams

Executive Spotlight: DealerPRO’s Kristin Williams

A fixed ops expert gives insights on creating better processes to provide better service and increase profits.

In the latest episode of our Executive Spotlight video interview series, Kristin Williams, the manager of dealer development with DealerPRO Training, joins us in the AutoSuccess studio.

After hearing about Kristin’s upbringing as a grandchild and daughter of car dealers and experience advertising for her father’s dealership, Kristin dives into the importance of analyzing a dealership’s fixed ops processes in order to create a shorter RO turn around and keep technicians happy.

Watch the video above to hear Kristin’s perspective on what key things top performing dealers are doing in this modern era of auto sales, and to learn what DealerPRO offers to dealerships.

To learn more about DealerPRO, visit DealerPROTraining.com

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