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Podcast: Analyzing Fixed Ops Processes

Evaluating and bettering your service drive with advice from DealerPRO Training.

Executive Spotlight: Naked Lime Marketing’s Chuck Worley

An OEM specialist discusses marketing trends such as how to get cars into your service lane.

Executive Spotlight: DealerPRO’s Kristin Williams

A fixed ops expert gives insights on creating better processes to provide better service and increase profits.

Executive Spotlight: FixedOPS Marketing’s Russell Hill

Insight on how to improve marketing for the service lane from an industry expert.

New Data Explains Why Car Buyers Pass on Dealer Service

There’s an enormous gulf between dealership goals and customer behavior. What actions can dealers take to close that gap?

Pushing the Fixed Ops Needle Forward

It’s critical to get out of your office and truly manage what’s going on in your shop. Here are a few tips on how to make this happen.

Quantum5 Hires Award Winning Fixed Ops Trainer Dave Foy

Quantum5 will acquire Foy’s successful Fixed Ops Mastermind and Vision and Values Coaching brands enabling him to carry on his vision.

Used Vehicles, Digital Inspections, Lifelong Customers

The clarity and education of the digital inspection can also be used in boosting the sales of used vehicles and provide a compelling reason for customers to return for service after the sale.

Digital Ad Technology Helps Savvy Dealers Acquire Used Inventory at the Right Price

Savvy dealers have been leveraging technology, social channels and new thinking to circumvent traditional auction houses and the higher-priced inventory that comes with it.

Auto/Mate Recommended Services to Drive Fixed-Ops Revenue

Robust, profit-boosting enhancement ensures fixed-ops departments never miss an opportunity to upsell recommended services.

How Dealers Today Leverage Fixed Ops & Digital Advertising for Quicker Recovery

Dealers are focusing on making the process of service even easier for customers through enhanced contactless pickup/drop-off.

Overcoming Inventory Shortages While Building a Robust Lead Pipeline

Refocusing conquesting efforts toward purchasing pre-owned vehicles can keep inventory afloat while driving used vehicle sales.