Executive Spotlight with Masters School of Autobody Management

Executive Spotlight with Masters School of Autobody Management

Tune in as the conversation delves into the challenges car dealers face when considering entering the body shop business, and the need for dealers to prioritize customer satisfaction.

In this Auto Success Executive Spotlight interview, the host Brian Ankney talks with Dave Dunn and Natalie Kessler from Masters School of Autobody Management.

Dave shares his unconventional career path, starting in a body shop at a young age, venturing out on his own, and eventually managing a dealership body shop. He also talks about the origins of Masters School of Autobody Management, which offers training and consulting for the collision repair industry.

Natalie Kessler, a partner in Masters, discusses her transition from teaching to the collision repair industry and the importance of communication in fostering a positive culture within the organization.

The conversation delves into the challenges car dealers face when considering entering the body shop business. Dave emphasizes the need for dealers to prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain the integrity of the repair process, even when working with insurance companies.

The hosts raise the issue of culture in the workplace and the significance of intentional communication. Dave and Natalie stress the value of regular, face-to-face interactions with employees and how a strong organizational culture can attract and retain top talent.

The interview also touches on the repair of electric vehicles (EVs), highlighting the need for specialized training and equipment. Dave mentions that dealerships are uniquely positioned to benefit from the growing EV market due to their access to manufacturer training and data.

Dave and Natalie stress the importance of staying ahead of industry changes and ensuring that dealerships provide the best possible service to their customers.

Their insights emphasize the importance of maintaining high standards, effective communication, and adapting to industry changes in the collision repair business. They encourage dealers to prioritize customer satisfaction and the integrity of repairs, even in the face of challenges from insurance companies. Additionally, they underscore the importance of staying updated on industry trends, especially with the rise of electric and alternative-fuel vehicles.

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