Executive Spotlight with Greg Uland of Reynolds and Reynolds

Executive Spotlight with Greg Uland of Reynolds and Reynolds

Trends and solutions found in the dealership from a marketing exec.

We recently caught up with Greg Uland, the VP of marketing with Reynolds and Reynolds in the AutoSuccess studio, where Greg gave us his thoughts on how the industry has changed in recent years, and what Reynolds and Reynolds provides for dealership’s that strive to stay on top of the trends.

“We’ve made an effort to really stay connected with consumers and trying to understand what their preferences are,” Uland says in the video above. “Consumers are willing and interested in doing more and more pieces of the car buying process online … the struggle is that not everyone is the same, each consumer is unique.”

Hear more of the automotive exec’s views on these trends by watching the full video here or on our YouTube channel.

To listen to this interview, click HERE.

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