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The Modern Dealership & the Blended Buyer

It is essential to reflect on the connection between your online and in-store sales processes.

Say Yes to the Plan, or Plan to Fail

The most successful dealers are partnering with specialized companies, and this doesn’t have to take as much of your time as you think. 

Podcast: Modern Dealership Software Needs

Insights on modern DMS software, EVs, the current automotive market and more.

The End is NOT Nigh

Car buyers abandon digital tools when the process gets too complex — easy-to-use ecommerce capabilities are essential.

Executive Spotlight with Molly Meyer of Gubagoo

Molly Meyer of Gubagoo shares how dealers can be more successful with their digital retailing.

Executive Spotlight with Guru Sankararaman of Tekion

Insights on modern DMS software, EVs, the current automotive market and more.

Why Dealers, Lenders and Service Providers Remain Disconnected on a Full Digital Retailing Experience

Our paper-driven culture in automotive, slows down the overall process and increases opportunities for unwanted errors. We now need to shift focus to digitization for more automation throughout the process.

Executive Spotlight with Greg Uland of Reynolds and Reynolds

Trends and solutions found in the dealership from a marketing exec.

Car Shopping Trends and How Technology Connects Consumers and Dealerships

With the market changing at an unpredictable pace, it’s vital for dealerships to adapt and try new things, knowing what worked yesterday may not be the same for today.

Webinar: How to Bring Sales Back to the Dealership

Hear insights on combating online retailing competitors on August 9.

Digital Retailing: Inadequate Solution for Talent Shortage

When salespeople are better equipped for success, they’re more likely to make more sales and to stick around.

Why Online Purchasing Still Lags in the Automotive Industry

As you evaluate your current digital buying process, start with these key questions to guide you to the right solutions.