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9 Essential Videos Every Dealer Needs

Videos are a great way to showcase both your inventory and your dealership, which is why it’s essential to create a library of videos that your dealership can use to influence auto shoppers and service prospects.

Videos are a great way to showcase both your inventory and your dealership, which is why it’s essential to create a library of videos that your dealership can use to influence auto shoppers and service prospects.

Here’s a list of nine essential videos that every dealer should have.

1. New Model Review & New Model Test Drive

According to Google, model review and test-drive videos both rank among the top three most-watched videos during the research phase, when auto shoppers are deciding what type of vehicle will best fit their lifestyle. 

There are plenty of YouTube channels that post vehicle reviews, but why let YouTube lure prospects away from your website? Create a virtual showroom on your website where auto shoppers can conduct research and watch review and test-drive videos of all your makes and models.

2. Inventory Videos

Google identifies feature-rich inventory videos as one of the top three most-watched videos by today’s auto shopper; which is why stitched-photo and full-motion walkaround inventory videos are an essential part of your video marketing strategy.

Don’t limit inventory videos to your website; these days merchandising your inventory with videos across all online touch-points is essential.

3. Lead Follow-Up Videos

Lead follow-up videos increase the response rate from the leads that you currently have, so you don’t have to spend money on more leads. For most people, getting a video email still generates a “surprise and delight” factor. 

Create several videos that fit with your lead follow-up process; this might include an initial autoresponder video response, followed up with a personalized greeting by a salesperson. For prospects that don’t respond, send a re-engagement video and finally, be sure to send appointment confirmation videos.  

4. Value Proposition

Value proposition or “Why Buy?” videos differentiate why your dealership is better than your competitors. Brainstorm value propositions that make your dealership stand out. Focus your message on the experience that your customer will have when they visit your store, and how they will feel and be treated when they get there.  

5. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos are essential because people trust what others say about you more than they trust what you say to promote yourself. These videos are not difficult to get if you make them part of your process.

Salespeople are already trained to ask customers for written testimonials or to fill out surveys. Train your salespeople how to ask for a video at the sale: “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, would you mind doing me a favor? Can we do a quick video where you talk about your purchase experience?” Also train your salespeople in basic video production. These days it’s easy to shoot high-quality videos with a smartphone. 

6. Personnel Introduction

Most dealers post photos of employees on their websites, but videos are far better at engaging customers and making them feel like they really know your staff. People trust and like to do business with people who share similar interests.

Record a short introductory video for key personnel. Have employees share details about themselves, e.g. if they like fishing, support animal rescue, if they have children, what their children’s ages and hobbies are, if they’re a veteran, if they like to cycle, if they’re a member of a car club, etc. 

7. Finance FAQs

Finance is an area where customers have a lot of questions, so don’t risk having auto shoppers leave your website to find the answers on Google. To keep auto shoppers on your site and bring them down funnel, create a series of videos that answer your most-asked finance questions.

Typically, this includes lease vs. buy, information customers need to bring to the dealership so they can be approved for financing, how to get the best value for your trade, etc. Also create short videos that explain each of your F&I products and the reasons why a customer needs them, along with benefits. 

8. Service Department Introduction

Many consumers believe that dealership service departments are expensive and that dealers will try to sell them unnecessary services. To alleviate these concerns, create a service department introduction video, summarizing all the services you offer, along with your service value propositions. Use these videos in your service marketing campaigns. The idea is to build trust and make consumers feel confident in choosing your dealership to take care of their vehicle.

9. Service Inspection (MPI) Upsell

Consumers believe what they see more than what they hear. That’s why service inspection videos are critical; these videos can be sent to your customers to increase RO approvals. 

Train your service techs to record videos of worn parts, and text the videos to customers.

Additionally, pre-record a list of videos that highlight common repairs and explain the safety risks if the repair isn’t completed, along with how long the repair typically takes.

Now you have nine essential video types that can be used over and over again in a video marketing strategy. Remember, the more you use videos, the more comfortable and authentic you’ll appear to prospective customers, so don’t be afraid. Record your arsenal of videos and start using them today.

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