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Tim James to Present ‘Build an Amazing Video Strategy’ at Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group

The presentation will show dealers how they can strategically place videos throughout the customer’s buying cycle, in the right place at the right time, in order to drive more leads and sales.

Podcast: Getting Better Video Engagement

Tim James of FlickFusion discusses how videos can help dealers engage with their customers and overcome negative stereotypes.

Flick Fusion Adds Features to Video Calling Application

StreaMe allows dealership employees to text or email customers a personal URL to initiate a live video call with the employee who sent the link.

5 Beginner Video Tips for Salespeople

Live vehicle walkaround videos will increase engagement and leads for your dealership.

Podcast: Vehicle Merchandising

Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, discusses vehicle merchandising using video.

Sell More Cars With One-Click Live-Streaming Video Calls

Video chatting isn’t just for social use anymore, and if you can’t sit in front of someone face-to-face, there’s just no better way to communicate than via a live video call.

For Car Shoppers, Transparency Wins

Answer customers’ FAQs with short, informative videos that also highlight your dealership and staff.

5 Pre-Production Steps for Better Videos

Creating a quality video requires more than just picking up a camera and shooting footage. Here’s a pre-production checklist that will ensure that you get the most out of your time and investment.

3 Holiday Videos to Spread Good Cheer

To cut through the noise and capture your customers’ attention during this crazy time, you have to stand out from the crowd — and there’s no better way to do that than with video. Here are three essential videos every dealer needs for the holiday season.

Educate, Don’t Sell with Videos

If you could say anything that you wanted to say to a shopper who you knew was watching your video from your competitor’s lot, what would you say?

Videos + Data Integration = Strategic Advantage

The real problem with a majority of dealerships’ video marketing strategies is that they use multiple video products from multiple vendors, all used for a single purpose and hosted on several different platforms, with no communication or integration between those hosting platforms.

9 Essential Videos Every Dealer Needs

Videos are a great way to showcase both your inventory and your dealership, which is why it’s essential to create a library of videos that your dealership can use to influence auto shoppers and service prospects.