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Take Control of Your Lead Management & Follow Up

Learn how Mac Haik Chevrolet has taken control of lead management and follow up, greatly improving their business.

Podcast: Lead Follow-Up

Justin Blevins, COO at TECOBI, discusses lead generation and follow up.

On-Demand Lead Follow-Up Webinar from Conversica

How much revenue are YOU losing due to slow response time?

Writing Emails That Work

Followup. It’s an essential part of the sales process that often is overlooked. By following a few guidelines and creating personalized emails that extend your relationships, you will convey your enthusiasm, professionalism and sincerity in your communication — and, of course, close more business.

9 Essential Videos Every Dealer Needs

Videos are a great way to showcase both your inventory and your dealership, which is why it’s essential to create a library of videos that your dealership can use to influence auto shoppers and service prospects.

Following Up and Standing Out: How Are You Differentiating Yourself from the Dealers Down the Street?

Since recently purchasing a home, I continue to be impressed by the follow-up we receive from our Realtor. She not only checked in after the initial purchase, but she has continued to reach out to us monthly.

Why AI is ‘Bursting With Exponential Opportunity’ for Auto Dealers

People get excited about AI. Some love it, some fear it and some feel it is overhyped and under-delivering. Across the internet, the impassioned debate rages on: how many of today’s AI technologies are actually delivering value?

Staying Focused and Reinventing

When your dealership is facing stiff competition, the difference between success and failure comes down to two elements — standing out from the competition and building customer loyalty. To compete in today’s automotive industry, top dealerships must “reinvent the wheel” just to stay relevant in an aggressive market.

Let’s Put the ‘Service’ Back in Service Department

When a customer drives into the service lane, which of the following thoughts pop into your head: “How can I help this person?” or “How can I upsell this person?” If it’s the latter, it’s time to go back to the basics.

Increasing Automotive Sales Results With Artificial Intelligence

From more conversations come more showroom visits and increased revenue. It’s not a question of if you need this technology to stay competitive; it’s simply a question of when you’ll ultimately implement it.

10 Loyalty Tips: How to Build a Strong Repeat/Referral Customer Base, Part 1

Investing in my repeat and referral customers had created the opportunity for me to produce at the highest level delivering 30 to 40 vehicles or more per month working four days per week, seeing customers by appointment only and earning a solid six-figure income.

Podcast: The Importance of Follow-Up

Sum-Ware’s Business Development Director Nathan Anderson shares the importance of follow up in service department retention.