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FORMing Relationships with Video

The best way to form a relationship with a new customer is to get to know them, and let them get to know you.

Critical Role of Technology in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Measure the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy so you can make the most out of your video content.

Using Video Experience Landing Pages to ‘Sell the Dealership’

Before selling a car, dealers have to sell the dealership to the customer, and the key to this is through online video marketing.

3 Video Marketing FAQs, Answered

You spend a lot of money to bring car shoppers to your website, here are ways to keep them there for as long as possible.

Podcast: The Essential Role of Video in Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy

Tim James of Flick Fusion discusses using video in your dealership’s marketing strategy.

How to Bring Customers Down Funnel with Video

Following a high-to-low funnel video marketing strategy, adding videos to a dealership website is an easy way to increase sales.

Using Video to Overcome Negative Stereotypes

Video is an inexpensive but highly effective way to overcome negative dealership stereotypes.

Podcast: Getting Better Video Engagement

Tim James of FlickFusion discusses how videos can help dealers engage with their customers and overcome negative stereotypes.

Video Wins the War for Digital Dominance

The ability to leverage video data to create a personalized viewing experience greatly increases engagement and conversion rates for all of your video content.

5 Beginner Video Tips for Salespeople

Live vehicle walkaround videos will increase engagement and leads for your dealership.

Podcast: Vehicle Merchandising

Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, discusses vehicle merchandising using video.

Sell More Cars With One-Click Live-Streaming Video Calls

Video chatting isn’t just for social use anymore, and if you can’t sit in front of someone face-to-face, there’s just no better way to communicate than via a live video call.