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Top Features to Mention in Walkaround Inventory Videos

Your goal with this video is to sell the vehicle, not just pique the car shopper’s interest. The more features you highlight, the faster that vehicle will sell.

Podcast: Creating Engaging Customer Videos

Evan Riley of FlickFusion talks on how videos give car shoppers the tools to control their own buying experience.

How to Make EV Inventory Videos

A video that combines educational information while showcasing vehicle features is a great learning tool for your sales team as well as car shoppers who visit your website.

Build Toward Info Equality

Efficiency and transparency that flow from fixed to variable and on to the customer start in the engine room of the dealership, the reconditioning department.

Stock Video Versus ‘Real’ Videos

The more accurately your vehicles are represented online, the more leads you’ll get from shoppers who are ready to buy.

Your Place: Think Like an Investment Analyst

Dennis McGinn speaks with Michael Hayes on how dealers need to think differently when managing their inventory.

4 Videos That Build Customer Trust

Videos bring your dealership brand and your employees to life, making it easy to convey your values, expertise and professionalism.

NADA 2022: FlickFusion Video Marketing Tools

The dealership model is not gone, but it is changing and FlickFusion wants to use the power of video, the data-driven portion behind that video and the emotional aspect of car buying to help all dealers move into the future of this platform.

booth video
Service Tools for Improving the Customer Experience

Dennis McGinn and Matt Sodikoff, a fixed ops director, discuss how the dealership has changed its services over past two years and which tools have helped the dealership become even more customer friendly and keep them coming back for their service needs.

Critical Role of Technology in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Measure the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy so you can make the most out of your video content.

How to Bring Customers Down Funnel with Video

Following a high-to-low funnel video marketing strategy, adding videos to a dealership website is an easy way to increase sales.

Video Victory

See how a digital retail and video content strategy at Wiers Chevrolet GMC has helped the small store achieve a wide reach.