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Cox Automotive Service Study: Dealerships Losing Ground to General Repair Shops

In 2023, dealerships accounted for 30% of all service visits in the U.S., down from 35% in 2021.

Road Trip! Help Your Customers Control Costs This Summer

In addition to maximizing mileage, cleaning the fuel system improves vehicle power, performance, drivability and throttle response, making the trip a lot more pleasant for the driver.

Auto Pros Continue Visit to Quarter Mile Muscle

Auto Pros on the Road puts Babcox Media into shops across the USA. This episode is sponsored by FRAM.

Auto Pros on the Road Post
FRIKINtech Launches Automated Equity Mining Engine for Service Customers

SERVICEiQ acquires inventory from the service department through automated trade-in offers and unlocks access to conquest customers

See All That Asphalt? Double the Building

Dealers can likely anticipate a lot of extra space on their lots for the foreseeable future. What can be done with it all? Launches Smartphone App for Auto Dealers to Save Time, Money

The app features on-board diagnostics (OBD) scanner that delivers immediate OEM level diagnostics and real-time vehicle valuation market data.

CDK Global Launches CDK ServiceView Powered by TruVideo

CDK Global Launches CDK ServiceView Powered by TruVideo

GoMoto Evolves Kiosks for Efficiency, Convenience

The newly patented Service Kiosk key retrieval system enables dealerships to provide a safe, secure exchange of keys on a flexible timetable.

Service EV Batteries with BendPak’s New Lifting System

Portable, strong and efficient scissor lift table also supports virtually any powertrain.

Staying Ahead of Competition

Advanced technology helps Paragon Honda and Acura execute personalized and frictionless consumer experiences across every medium, from initial engagement to a final transaction.

Montway Auto Transport Launches Online Dealership Vehicle Home Delivery Service

Innovative vehicle transportation technology promises to simplify dealership auto-delivery services to consumers at home.

Recapturing Service Business with Digital Inspections

Particularly during a pandemic, the importance of keeping vehicle owners well-informed and feeling good about their service, while maintaining social distance, is paramount.