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Training a New Business Development Representative

It’s important to continue ongoing training. A good BDC trainer will make sure they are constantly updating their training materials with new items and technology.

The key to a successful BDC is making sure:

  • You have properly trained your staff,
  • They know how to handle their job via the resources you have provided to them
  • They know what is expected of them

After completing a successful training program, you will be able to hold your staff accountable and have a benchmark to hold them to.

I recommend putting together a detailed outline that covers all items you will want your business development representatives (BDRs) to know. This includes:

  • HR Paperwork
  • Expectations
  • Software Videos (Outlook, CRM)
  • Phone System
  • BDC Items (Script, Objections, Different Types of Leads, etc.)

Take the time to be thorough in the beginning so you don’t have to go back and retrain while also un-training bad habits (at the end of this article is an example of an outline I use).

Put together a manual with handouts, screen shots, videos, tests, and so on so that each BDR goes through the same training and knows the same material. YouTube is a valuable resource for videos on items such as Office programs and proper phone skills. I recommend the Steve Stauning website for information on setting appointments and overcoming objections. He does a fantastic job talking about the best ways to set appointments and has tests available at the end of each section. Put together documents explaining each type of lead that a BDR might encounter at your dealership and the best way to handle these leads with scripts, rebuttals, etc. I started a library of recorded calls by recording different call types, rebuttals, objections and questions that customers ask so BDRs can listen to these calls during training to hear how these different situations are handled.

Finally, have a BDR mirror a more experienced BDR for the day listening to their calls and entering this information into your CRM. There is no better training than real-world practice. This also allows the new BDR to ask questions of the more experienced BDR.

Remember that once a BDR goes through the initial training, that training does not end here. It’s important to continue ongoing training. A good BDC trainer will make sure they are constantly updating their training materials with new items and technology. I choose a new rebuttal/question every week and I have every BDR call me and answer this question. For example, I ask them to call me and answer the following question: “Please send me your best and lowest price.” This allow the BDR to think about and respond to the question in a low-stress environment. After listening to the calls, I respond back to each BDR providing them with constructive criticism and sending out the best calls for the team to listen to.

You want to provide all necessary resources for a BDR to do their job effectively. Spend a decent amount of time in the beginning explaining the materials and documents you are giving them. Have them watch training videos, take notes or tests and turn this information back into you so you can confirm the material was reviewed and understood. If problems do arise later down the road and you need to cut ties or make changes, you know that you gave each BDR the necessary resources and training to succeed and, if things don’t work out, it wasn’t because you didn’t provide enough assistance.

BDC Training Outline
Day 1

  1. HR Paperwork
  2. BDC Expectations
    1. 160 calls per day
    2. Two to three hours of phone time per day (this includes talking to customers and leaving message; it does not include ring time)
    3. 40 to 60 percent contact rate (Talk to 40 to 60 percent of the customer you call)
    4. 40 to 60 percent appointment set rate (Set appointments with 40 to 60 percent of the customers you talk to)
  3. Outlook Videos (Email System)
    1. Basics –
    2. Intro –
  4. MXIE Videos (Phone System)
  5. Phone Skills Videos
    1. How to Speak Effectively Over the Phone –
    2. Telephone Etiquette –

Day 2

  1. CRM Training and Videos
  2. Appointment Videos – Steve Stauning / Setting Appointments that Show
    2. Test
  3. Objections Videos – Steve Stauning
    2. Test

Day 3

  1. Types of Leads / Scripts
    1. Vehicle Inquiry
    2. General Inquiry
    3. Trade In
    4. Credit App
    5. Appointment Confirmation
    6. Missed Appt
    7. Incoming Call
  2. Recorded Calls
  3. Objections/Rebuttals

Day 4

  1. Sitting with/Shadowing an Experienced BDR

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