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Executive Spotlight with Jason Girdner of TECOBI Inc.

Tune in to the video to learn about the changing dynamics of customer communication in automotive sales.

Sharpen Up on These 4 Phone Handling Processes

Prepare your dealership by sharpening up on these four processes before the tides turn.

Best Practices for Service Department Phone Usage

Three ways to not only survive but thrive in service by leveraging the phone.

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How Your Dealership Benefits When Sales and Service Join Forces

Bridging the gap between sales and service enhances the customer experience.

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Podcast: Hidden Phone Potential

Justin DePasquale of CallRevu talks about how to unlock hidden growth potential in phone calls.

Making the CRM the Hub of All Customer Communications

Even in today’s digital age, a phone call can be the difference between winning or losing a lead. Dealerships are losing the majority of their hottest leads within the first 15 seconds of each call.

People Have Bad Days, Machines Don’t

What if there was an employee who would work 24 hours a day and report back to you with all the metrics that are vital to operating your dealership?

Business Development Centers Can Maximize Service Appointments

Properly trained BDC personnel can provide a multitude of services that will increase owner retention and CSI while enabling your advisors to become more productive thereby increasing sales and shop productivity.

3 Rules for Profitable Service Marketing

Want an ROI that will produce for you the record profits that you deserve? Follow these three rules.

Phone Skills We Learned While Building Automotive Digital Assistants

We all understand that DAs like Alexa know more details than your employees, but is she more trustworthy? Create dealership processes and develop people like we develop DAs.

Keep Those Customers Coming Back

Analyze your fixed operations marketing plan to see how you compare with these strategies. Make the commitment to support your service advisors so you can keep those customers coming back.

dealerTEL Helps Dealerships Track Call Success at Most Crucial Point — After the Phone is Answered In-House

Dealers will be able to track not only where a call came in from, but also any and all interactions that happen once the call has been answered within the building.