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Leadership Podcast: Resources for Becoming a Better Leader

On this leadership podcast, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to get their thoughts on what resources they recommend to help others become better leaders.

KPA Releases Free COVID-19 Training Courses, Resources Center

The Resources Center includes five safety training courses, several webinars, checklists and the latest updates from KPA’s team of experts.

How to Juggle More than One Target Audience

Juggling more than one target audience is a task that every business has to overcome at some point and is something that will constantly shift as the industry continues to change over time.

CDK Global to Acquire ELEAD1ONE

ELEAD1ONE’s automotive retail front office applications and integrated customer service platform to complement the diversified product and service portfolio of CDK.

Training a New Business Development Representative

It’s important to continue ongoing training. A good BDC trainer will make sure they are constantly updating their training materials with new items and technology.

Carfax Database Hits 20 Billion Records

The rapidly growing resource feeds Carfax products that people use in each stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle — shop, buy, maintain, price and sell.

How Outsourcing Delivery Improves Employee Productivity

Outsourcing processes, like shipping and logistics, can free up your team’s time to focus on higher-level strategy — including on how to grow the business, build customer loyalty and increase sales.