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Tackling the Dilemma of Service Scheduling Calls, Part 2

A multi-intelligent AI platform can help dealers optimize both their customers’ time and their staff’s productivity.

Equip, Sustain and Succeed: Building a Better BDC​

It’s time for proactive dealers to find new ways to leverage the BDC to support key dealership operations, including pre-owned vehicle acquisitions, service-to-sales and customer retention efforts.

4 Strategies to Overcome Today’s Big Hurdles

You’re missing 20-30% of your calls. If we just answer the phone, we can drive ROIs through the roof.

Dinner and a Show: Learn to 10x Your ROI

This webinar, hosted by TECOBI Founder and CEO Jason Girdner, will provide owners, dealer principals and GMs a full demo of TECOBI 2.0.

Are You Ready to Actually Desk an Online Deal in Real Time?

Are you willing jump into the digital retailing “pond,” where digitally desking a deal attracts new and more customers?

Let’s Talk

Learn how Anderson Automotive Group enlisted the help of Outsell’s Virtual Customer Engagement Platform to improve customer engagement and increase sales by taking advantage of their best kept secret – their own customer data.

Traver Connect Launches Sales BDC

This brings a suite of solutions for dealerships to convert customer-initiated calls and online inquiries into showroom sales.

New Volie ‘BDC in a Box’ Automates Dealership Customer Engagement

Automotive BDC software allows dealers to get the productivity of an outsourced call center allowing three people to do the work of 10.

How Home Auto Group Is Taking Care of Customers

Tucked into the foothills of Maine’s western mountains, Farmington is a college town of nearly 8,000 that is known for its outdoor activities and attractions. It is also the home of Home Auto Group, owned by Joseph “Mac” MacConnell. MacConnell grew up in South Jersey and in the car business. After a stint in the

Efficiently Manage Online Leads with CDK Global’s New BDC Software

Engage online shoppers with productive conversations while giving sales staff more time to provide a VIP experience to guests in the showroom.

Video: ProMax – A Complete Solution

ProMax has been leading the industry in automotive software for 25 years, and offers the only complete solution for your dealership. From our award-winning Desking and CRM modules, to our industry-first Compliance solutions and Pre-Screen products, to Lead Generation, Inventory, ILM, Dealer Websites, Direct Mail and more, ProMax has all the tools you need to succeed.

MAX BDC is 3-Way Collaborative Tool for BDC, Customer, Sales

MAX Digital’s MAX BDC is a collaborative tool designed to give BDC staff instant access to the information they need.