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No Reason for Sales Team Anxiety When Implementing a Digital Solution

The digital revolution is a paradigm shift that cannot be ignored. Here are six tips to help steer your sales team into a digital retailing comfort zone. 


Greg Kelly is the executive director of WebBuy.

The digital revolution arrived a long time ago and is finally sweeping over the nation’s dealerships. Sales representatives will have many questions and even a little angst about how this new sales tool will boost their sales performance.

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Yes, this is a paradigm shift, and for some it’s a bigger shift than for others. It is a reality that cannot be ignored. Those who see the advantages sooner will reap the rewards sooner. To help steer your sales team into a comfort zone with digital retailing, here are six tips to consider.

1. Encourage your team members to engage their customers with your digital retailing solution. Assure the sales team that your solution is going to streamline the sales process and improve customer satisfaction (by saving time in the store) and drive more sales.

2. At sales meetings, review digital-retail accounts (leads) and identify the inventory that is getting the most activity. Give the sales team additional insight into what consumers are shopping for. Make communicating about digital retailing a daily essential.


3. Make sure your BDC team has a clear process on how to route digital retail customers. It’s important to recognize the perspective of the digital-retail customer and to treat them differently than the typical BDC lead. Reinforce to your team members that consumers who are in the digital-retailing pipeline are more than leads. Many already have their trade-in and credit application completed and are closing in on a purchase.

4. Provide exceptional training on the new digital retailing solution. Explain the overall sales strategy. Your sales team needs to know the ins-and-outs of the online sales process so members can confidently assist buyers on their journey.


5. Emphasize the importance of making clear notes in CRM so the appropriate credit is allocated when the consumer completes their deal online.  Remember, WebBuy allows shoppers to complete the deal all online — or start the process online and finish the transaction at the dealership on their digital device or the dealership’s device set to “showroom mode.”

6. Have fun! Incentivize the sales team with a spiff for all customers who start on the digital retailing solution and then interact with the showroom in person, or via phone or BDC.  It is important to reward team members for helping buyers through the process. Remember — the dealership maintains control of all facets of pricing, appraisals, accessorizing, F&I profitability, etc.


Millennials are demanding a self-directed, transparent, “Amazon-like” experience when buying a new car. Sales teams that understand and embrace the opportunities of a digital retailing solution will see great success serving a new group of customers they’ve never done business with before.

Greg Kelly, WebBuy Training and Optimization Manager

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