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WebBuy Wins BIG at the 2022 AWAs

Brian Pasch is pleased to announce WebBuy as a winner of the 2022 AWA Award in the category of Digital Retail Solutions.

The World Isn’t Changing, It Already Has

Digital retailing applications are helping dealers navigate the pandemic and compete with non-franchise online providers.

Are You Ready to Actually Desk an Online Deal in Real Time?

Are you willing jump into the digital retailing “pond,” where digitally desking a deal attracts new and more customers?

Sell Your Inventory Online [Video]

Consumers can buy their next new or used ride completely online using your dealership website. [Video sponsored by WebBuy.]

WebBuy Launches New Digital Retailing Application

The digital retail application that enables consumers to buy/lease their next vehicle completely online.

Keys to Implementing Digital Retailing at Your Dealership, Part 2

Leverage the digital transparent experience and allow the consumer to utilize the solution in the showroom.

Podcast: Best Practices for Implementing Digital Retailing

Chris Gugliottao of WebBuy discusses tips for implementing digital retailing at your dealership.

Keys to Implementing Digital Retailing at Your Dealership, Part 1

Dealers who are serious about boosting sales to customers who want an Amazon-like transaction need to do their homework.

Automotive Digital Retailing: Yesterday a Concept, Today a Reality

See digital retailing as the opportunity for what it is: a chance to engage with a new customer base you’ve never interacted with before.

WebBuy Launches Digital Trade-In Appraisal Solution

The application provides precise valuations and the real-time lien payoff feature eliminates discrepancy write-offs.

Subaru Certifies WebBuy as Digital Retailing Provider

As part of the Subaru Certified Digital Tool Program WebBuy’s Digital Retail Application will provide dealer-centric control of profit drivers and analytics.

3 Things to Consider When Implementing Digital Retail Solutions

Make sure to your digital retailing partner can deliver a blueprint of best practices as a starting point for your store.