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Digitization in Automotive Merchandising Still Far Off

The photos and merchandizing process for today’s modern dealership is still not where it should be.

How SubPrime and Independent Dealers Can Digitize Their Back-Office

With a convergence of back-office processes from paper to digital, dealers can solidify a promising future of profitable growth and service to their local communities.

Digitization in Automotive Still Far Off for Back-End Processes and Documentation

It is time for dealers and lenders to lean in and commit to converting from paper to digital throughout the process to improve the experience, but also get ahead of the risks.

Cox Automotive Makes Strategic Leadership Moves to Enhance Digital Inventory Solutions

Cox Automotive’s years-long focus on digitizing the wholesale and retail experiences is enabling clients to pivot faster than ever before — giving them the tools they need to keep their businesses moving forward.

Paycheck Protection Planner Portal Launched to Help Businesses Navigate, Secure Coronavirus Stimulus Loans

The planner was created by American business owners who want to help small businesses get funding faster to save jobs.

Dealerware Completes Reynolds Certified Interface Program

By leveraging the real-time data and automation, Dealerware enables dealers to reduce the average length of time a customer keeps a loaner car.

How to Drive Successful Change at Your Dealership

The most important digital changes are never quick or simple. It took years before people realized how powerful the iPhone could be — RIM execs viewed mobile apps as a novelty for children, choosing not to add them to the Blackberry platform because they didn’t believe serious businesspeople had any use for them.

The Automated Future of Video Advertising

Skip. The button most people hit so they can ignore the ad and go straight to the YouTube video they wanted to watch. But what if that ad was customized to every unique viewer with the current offer available at their local dealership for the exact car they were just shopping for?

Preparing for the 2020 Applicant Economy

With the summer sales season in full swing, it might be hard to imagine planning ahead and preparing for the demands next year will hold. But this is the time to start thinking about what is working and what needs to change to set your dealerships up for a successful 2020. Your best bet will be to start planning for the needs of your true competitive advantage: your people.

Tips for Creating Effective Digital Listings from a Manheim Express Concierge

Dealers can either use the app themselves to list vehicles in minutes or call upon the Manheim Express Concierge team to inspect and create vehicle listings for them, as well as offer expert consultations on their wholesale pricing and strategy.

How You Can Maximize Your Ad Dollars Through a New Digital Approach

Why are you spending so much money on digital advertising? Here’s how you can increase your return without spending a dollar more on marketing.

Process Unification Combined with Personalized Customer Experience Creates Winning Opportunity

By leveraging more targeted marketing to better match customers with vehicles before they walk into a showroom, dealers and lenders will ensure the right inventory and financing options are available when the customer arrives at the dealership.