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4 Reasons Why BDCs Fail

The will to win is only exceeded by the will to prepare. Are you prepared for 2019?

If you want to take your BDC to a new level of productivity in 2019, then addressing the following four critical issues has to be a top priority.

1. The wrong BDC manager is at the helm.
As with any company or team, we all know that it starts at the top. The manager is the leader and driver of overall performance. A skilled and talented manager knows what processes, policies and procedures need to be in place in order to achieve maximum productivity.

They are a skilled coach, trainer and leader. They understand how to select and assemble the right team and they have the critical skills needed to drive results from each team member.

Do you have the right leader in your BDC?

2. Lack of consistent training and coaching.
One of most important factors to a successful BDC team is the constant training and coaching of your agents. This is critical for building the skills that lead to a higher number of appointments created.

If you’re going to build your BDC into a proficient, high-performing profit center, training has to be the cornerstone of your efforts.

Are you conducting daily training and coaching sessions with your team?

3. Lack of Key Performance Indicators to measure performance.
If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it and if you can’t manage it, you can’t improve it. Based on the last 100 audits we conducted, the average BDC is tracking fewer than four KPIs.

How many KPIs is your BDC team tracking?

4. No specific policies, procedures or job description.
In sports, if you don’t have a “game plan” or “playbook,” it’s difficult for each player to understand their assignment and responsibilities in each play. The same applies to a BDC. Your team must understand their position and duties.

A detailed job description is crucial for setting proper expectations and establishing minimum standards. An established set of policies and procedures help build structure and govern the department. Without this, it becomes difficult to hold your team accountable.

The will to win is only exceeded by the will to prepare. Are you prepared for 2019?

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