NADA 2023: Hormann High Performance Doors

NADA 2023: Hormann High Performance Doors

Learn more about Hormann High Performance Doors, which were recently showcased at NADA 2023.

At NADA 2023, Joe Jones, director of sales, retail automotive market for Hormann High Performance Doors, showcases a few of the company’s door options and their features.

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Speaker 1 (00:06):

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Joe Jones. We specialize in high performance doors, high speed doors for the automotive industry, for retail divisions, and today at the NADA 2023 show, we want to show you what our products can do and where they’ve advanced to over the last several years. This year’s show, what we’re showing is our high-speed doors, our low-speed doors, and the doors that can be used on the back of the dealerships. So what we’d like to do is show you the door and its action and how it works from the outside and, and some of the more detailed features of the doors. Today, the first door that I want to show you is our SG 5,000 CV door, which is a full view door used mostly on the front side of the building for your dealerships.


It operates at 80 inches per second up and about 40 inches per second down. The door would time itself out, come down, it’s activated by a wide scan activation device at the top of the door, recognizes another vehicle and comes down. The door itself is made up of a series of slats of vision slats that are 10 inches of vision, and they’re do, it’s a dual ply panel. In other words, we have two pieces of actual plastic to make up the panel and it’s insulated. So it’s coated with a material similar to which you use on your eyeglasses when you have anti-scratch material.

The second door we have is over on the other side. This door is a lot less expensive, but we’ve used the same exact panel that we used on the high-speed door. This is to help give you the opportunity to use the same look with your doors, but at a much slower speed. This is about the speed of an average door that you have now, the traditional style door, which runs around eight inches per second. This can also be set up with the automatic activation, with the wide scan, which gives you all of the protection to the cars and individuals going through the openings. We also offer a door that can be used on the back of facilities that is compliant with most of the manufacturers out there.

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