Dealer Insider with Scott Kunes of Kunes Auto Group

Dealer Insider with Scott Kunes of Kunes Auto Group

The COO of Kunes Auto Group discusses what this 40-store dealer group offers its community.

In today’s Dealer Insider video interview, Host Susan Givens welcomes Scott Kunes of Kunes Auto Group to the show. Kunes Auto Group first began as Kunes Ford and Lincoln in 1996 and continues to be family owned and operated to this day, which contributes to the family-like company culture employees find at the company.

Scott Kunes, who currently serves as the company’s COO, discusses how the dealer group gives back to its community, through partnering with churches, donating to and organizing food banks, giving 10% of earnings back to those in need and more. The dealer group is able to give back in this generous way due to the strong growth the company has seen over its 25 years in business — today, there are 40 auto and RV dealerships within the Kunes Auto Group family.

Watch the video above to learn what makes Kunes Auto Group successful — from educational resources for employees to social media marketing and beyond.

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