Ricart Automotive Testimonial

Ricart Automotive Testimonial

Urban Science Launches SalesAlert

Urban Science® today announced the launch of SalesAlert™, an industry first solution.

New direct-to-dealer offering taps the power of Urban Science's unrivaled near-real-time industry sales data and best-in-class technology to give dealers an accurate, daily status of their leads SalesAlert™ connects directly to dealership CRMs and proactively notifies sellers when a sale is lost, empowering them to focus time and resources on prospects still in market

The Seasons Are Changing (and so are Your Customers)

As summer comes to a close, you may have noticed more changes than just the cooling weather. Odds are, if you think back to your most recent customer interactions, you notice the demographics, wants, and needs of your customers changed slightly from what they were even a few months ago. While collective habits of your

HBS Systems NetView ECO Awarded Best Web-based Dealership Management Software Provider in Corporate Vision Magazine’s 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards

HBS Systems has been named the Best Web-based Dealership Management Software Provider for 2021.

Meet the Michael Jordan of the Tire Industry

Larry Morgan of Morgan Family Ventures shares how he’s created multi-billon dollar businesses in the tire and new car industry.

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Executive Spotlight with Jared Ricart of Ricart Automotive
Vendors vs. Partners

Bringing in vendors to help manage today’s problems can save money and be a great asset in running a smooth operation. You want a partner who cares about your business and wants to help grow it as much as you do.

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