Jack Garrity - Partner at Dealership For Life
Service Retention: Highly Effective Digital Marketing for the Service Drive

Service has many more opportunities to work with the customer than any other department in the store. That said, everyone should see how important it is to design a program to create long-term loyalty and retention.

Are You Branding the Wrong Message?

This is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when you want to send a message to the customer about what a great place this is to do business, but the consistency of that message is never followed through and it ends up doing more harm than good.

Who is Branding Your Message?

Often, a business that is part of a franchise will have trouble carving out its own niche. Usually it is the company selling the franchise that is responsible for developing the branding message for all the franchisees. The automobile industry might be the exception to the rule.

Rethinking Rewards Cards

Instead of looking at rewards cards as just more work, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Get creative, drive more business, the sky is the limit if you become as engaged in the program as you want your customer to be.

It’s All About the Customer

I’m reading a book called The Everything Store by Brad Stone — and I highly recommend it. It’s about how Amazon started. The idea behind “the everything store” was to develop an e-commerce business that would sell everything, and they did.

What’s Apping?

Mobile apps are about the customer. This is a great communication tool between the customer and the service department.

Factory Rewards Programs Versus Dealer-Owned Rewards Programs

Customers like to be rewarded and the more you reward them, the more loyal they become.

Subscription Isn’t Just for Selling Cars

Subscription marketing has been around for a long time; now it is even in the auto industry. Every week you see something about subscription marketing in another periodical.

Who’s Responsible for Customer Retention at Your Dealership?

Leaving it up to the factory to develop one for you or hoping that management by committee will work is the least effective way to grow your business.

A Different Way to Sell on the Service Drive

How do we lose so many customers between the sale of the car and their return to service to have it maintained? It is a well-excepted notion that customer retention involves all departments, but the service drive seems to be Ground Zero in making customers loyal.

Understanding Rewards

A solid rewards program is not trying to trick the customer into doing business but thank them for their business in a meaningful way.

Loyalty Versus Retention

Customers become loyal when they think you have gone the extra mile. The days of saying, ‘We’ll treat them right and they’ll come back’ are pretty much over. Everyone treats their customers right in this market.