Improving Call Management
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Podcast: Improving Call Management

The VP of training with Car Wars gives concrete steps to improve both sales and service calls.

Ryan Pitz is the vice president of training for Car Wars

In this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, The VP of Training with Car Wars, Ryan Pitz, gives dealers and their sales team advice on how to have more successful sales calls.

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Car Wars, a division of Call Box, leverages human reviews, artificial intelligence and seamless integrations with top automotive CRMs to equip sales and service departments with everything they need to “Own The Phone.” By listening to and categorizing every inbound and outbound call at a dealership, Car Wars provides managers with insight into how every call is handled, alerts them when an opportunity needs attention and actively improves phone performance in both sales and service. 

Car Wars uses transparent accountability alongside live call insight to create a high-powered phone culture that helps more callers faster and, ultimately, converts more phone calls into booked appointments.


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