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Fact vs. Myth: Phone Etiquette Directly Impacts Your Dealership’s Bottom Line  

Most dealers struggle with proper phone etiquette. Inevitably, a customer’s first interaction with you is on the phone and your initial conversation can make or break whether they do business with you.

4 Outbound Calling Tactics to Get More Customers on the Phone

Here are a few tips to improve your agents’ odds of getting connected with customers on outbound calls.

Car Wars New Dealership Phone Performance Program

The award program recognizes top dealerships that prioritize phone handling and provide customers with an optimal phone experience.

10 Ways to Increase Show Rates at Your Dealership

Utilizing these 10 strategies on a regular basis will increase show rates at your dealership.

Podcast: Improving Call Management

The VP of training with Car Wars gives concrete steps to improve both sales and service calls.

Sharpen Up on These 4 Phone Handling Processes

Prepare your dealership by sharpening up on these four processes before the tides turn.

Car Wars Partners with Kenect to Offer New Texting Integration

Dealerships who partner with Kenect and Car Wars can streamline communication and instantly connect customers with their intended party.

5 Key Ingredients You Can’t Afford to Miss in Your Phone Handling Recipe

Without a proper system in place, callers can be left with a negative phone experience, leading them elsewhere. 

Overcome Inventory Shortages by Mastering 3 Simple Phone Handling Strategies

Master capturing every lead with soft phone skills, overcoming roadblocks and dominating next steps of setting firm appointments.

What Does a LEGO House Have to Do with Building a Sturdy Phone Process?

Just like building your cool LEGO design, one missed step at the beginning of a customer’s experience with your dealership could cause the rest of their journey to crumble.

Car Wars, Urban Science Team Up to Help Dealers Understand Defections and Motivate Qualified Leads

Car Wars has collaborated with Urban Science to bring dealers three game-changing offerings to turn every lost sale into an opportunity for improvement: SalesAlert, TrafficView and AutoHook

Car Wars Teams Up with DriveCentric to Deliver Game-Changing Solutions to Users

The Car Wars and DriveCentric partnership is committed to driving the best customer experience.