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People Have Bad Days, Machines Don’t

What if there was an employee who would work 24 hours a day and report back to you with all the metrics that are vital to operating your dealership?


Leverage Your Dealership’s Performance with Conversion Analytics

What if I told you that there was an employee who would work 24 hours a day and report back to you with all the metrics that are vital to operating your dealership? Today, this has become a reality with conversation analytics.

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We all have some system that tracks and records our phone calls, but unfortunately, this has become a checkbox mentality and has disappeared from our radar. The reality is that the current platforms are not conducive to usage and equipping your team for success. 

Here are four ways that conversation analytics can help in transforming the performance of your dealership.

Take Time Out of the Equation

With the prevalence of digital campaigns and marketing spend, the influx of phone calls has again become the top channel in automotive. A dealer who sells 150 cars generates 20,000 minutes of talk time. Most dealerships do not have the bandwidth to handle this volume of calls. Conversation analytics provides an instant solution to monitor these calls and extract the essential data without even listing to the message. The machine identifies keywords or phrases and brings them to your attention in real time to give you the opportunity to engage.


Leverage Real-Time Alerts

The automotive industry by nature is not a proactive industry. Expecting your team to attempt to juggle all their tasks and responsibilities in addition to listening to hours of phone calls is a recipe for disaster. Mention another dashboard to a dealer, and they disengage entirely. Imagine the impact when you equip management with live call alerts that will help them coach and engage the sales team when it matters the most.  

Streamline Performance

With the constant turnover that we have in automotive, it is essential to monitor KPIs to determine call flow and routing. Not all of your team is converting calls to show and appointments at the same level. Conversation analytics will focus on connections, appointments and talk time to help you to coach your team. 


Training today, for the most part, is like drinking from a fire hose and doesn’t focus on the actual impediments of the salesperson. Leveraging the data from their calls provides instant accountability and openness to change. This will save you time and money by having this information at your fingertips when you are doing one-on-one meetings with your team. 

Prevent CSI Nightmares

Today, customers are receiving their surveys faster than ever, and we don’t have the time to react and respond as we did before. Conversation analytics understands the sentiment of the conversation and alerts on potential issues with alerts so you can handle them before they escalate into a bad survey or poor reputation management rating. Your salespeople may try to push these issues under the rug, which could be costing you a ton of money.

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