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Survey Finds Only 12.6% of Dealers Leverage Analytical Data

Many dealership executives still rely on gut instinct, highlighting need for predictive modeling solutions.

Help Shape the Future of Dealership Technology

Your input is invaluable in understanding the evolving needs and preferences of automotive professionals toward emerging technologies.

Future Technology Survey
Inventory Challenges Maximize Used Cars’ Resale Value

Recent Surveys Conclude: In Current Seller’s Market, Most Vehicle Trade-In Payouts Exceed Expectations by Thousands of Dollars for Consumers.

Dealership Real Estate Financing Survey

Dealers! We need your expertise for this short survey about dealership real estate financing options.

Parts Sourcing Survey

Do you help decide what suppliers to use at the dealership? Please complete our brief survey about sourcing aftermarket repair parts.

PureCars Survey Shows Where Consumers Are Leveraging Digital Retailing

The survey results illustrate where consumers are most interested, and the changing role digital advertising is playing in driving people to the showroom.

Service Dept. Inspection Procedures Survey

Help us with this quick survey and you could win a $25 gift card.

Dealers Signal Optimism for Future Franchise Values and Buy/Sell Activity

Newly released Kerrigan Dealer Survey shows that 33% expect an increase in their dealership valuation; 47% anticipate increase in buy/sell activity; Subaru and Toyota top valuation expectations.

NIADA Survey Finds Independent Dealers Doing the Right Thing

A survey by NIADA reflects the used vehicle industry’s optimism and confidence in its ability to cope with the situation and come out strong on the other side.

Despite Consumer Demand, Auto Dealers Struggle to Provide Complete Digital Solutions

The online survey polled 135 dealers around the U.S. to get a better understanding of current trends in retail transactions, credit applications, vehicle financing, fraud; and their prospects of offering online digital retailing options to customers.

People Have Bad Days, Machines Don’t

What if there was an employee who would work 24 hours a day and report back to you with all the metrics that are vital to operating your dealership?

How to Avoid Survey Backfire

Customer satisfaction surveys have trained us as consumers to scrutinize every aspect of our customer service experience. Ppositive and productive word tracks can make a great impact on survey scores.