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Executive Spotlight with Sean Stapleton of Dealer Teamwork

Sean Stapleton of Dealer Teamwork shares his secrets on how to develop a successful company culture, his views on dealership marketing, GA4, paid search and more.

The Seasons Are Changing (and so are Your Customers)

As summer comes to a close, you may have noticed more changes than just the cooling weather. Odds are, if you think back to your most recent customer interactions, you notice the demographics, wants, and needs of your customers changed slightly from what they were even a few months ago. While collective habits of your

Enterprise Analytics Grow Dealership Group’s Used Vehicle Profits 54%

New case study illustrates how a Virginia dealership group leveraged historical and aggregated data reports from FrogData to optimize used vehicle acquisition strategy, increasing franchise trade-in profits by nearly 70%

J.D. Power Acquires We Predict Data and Predictive Analytics Business

We Predict’s software will be leveraged by J.D. Power to enhance its vehicle quality and dependability analytics, expand repair cost forecasting and provide critical valuation data.  

The Case of the Missing Google Traffic

Google Analytics is the gold standard for measuring website performance. The key metrics usually monitored are number of visitors or sessions, bounce rate and website conversion. Dealers have learned to ask the right questions and look out for the obvious problems.

Dealer Data Vaults: The Holy Grail of Data

If you’re like most dealerships today, one thing you are not short of is data. Regardless of which DMS you use, the system constantly collects data. Your CRM system does the same, as does your website and whatever third-party sites you’re marketing on.

Auto/Mate Integrates DMS with Dealer360’s Analytics and CompTrackr Reporting Solutions

Dealer360’s Analytics is a powerful reporting platform that provides clear insight into dealership operations and allows executives and dealership managers to identify and focus on the core drivers of profitability.

The Power of a Good List

Marketing vendors talk a lot about strategy and messaging, but as we know, that’s only part of the equation. To maximize your return on investment, you also need a really good list.

Customer Loyalty is Created in the Service Lane

One of the most significant trends that auto dealers are grappling with is the erosion of front-end margins. New vehicle gross margins have declined significantly in the last seven years, from 4% in 2011 to 2.2% in 2018.

People Have Bad Days, Machines Don’t

What if there was an employee who would work 24 hours a day and report back to you with all the metrics that are vital to operating your dealership?

Are Your Videos Relevant?

One of the most overlooked aspects in a video marketing strategy is the ability to capture data from current customers and prospects based on their video viewing habits. With this data you can generate relevant, targeted video messages that appeal to individuals based on their interests and online browsing activity.

Your Dealership Needs to Leave These Marketing Mistakes in 2018

With a new year here, it should bring on new goals, ideas, strategies and tactics for your online marketing. Most of you reading this did not finish first in your region, as there can only be one winner.