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Are You Ready for a COVID Resurgence?

Enabling Dealer Success

As we battle our way through Q4, we’re getting another round of what 2020 has been throwing at us all year — utter nonsense. COVID cases continue to rise and it’s essential that we take steps to power through the final days with the knowledge that we may be coming up on a slow new year. Recent updates from the New York Times frames it up nicely, mentioning that recent cases “shatter more records,” as numbers continue to climb. So, with another swell on the horizon, it’s time to prep for what you need to keep your dealership running smoothly. 

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Business Shifts, Courtesy of COVID

Dealers are no strangers to market shifts and some level of unexpected commerce conditions. But, COVID has definitely been its own breed — that much is certain. The pandemic has made it difficult to predict a long-term trajectory and many dealers are wondering where they’ll land at the end of it. A study conducted by Merit indicated that most businesses hunkered down and adopted recession-style business practices as the pandemic set in. This included making shifts, such as reducing staff and cutting back costs where possible. 

Despite the cutbacks, all businesses surveyed were able to continue business. However, 97% reported that they had to change operations to do so. And in fact, 78% of CEOs still retained a positive outlook on their company. 

Opportunity Knocks, Even in a Pandemic

Businesses that thrive (yes, even in a pandemic) look for new opportunities. The Merit study showed that most businesses were not discouraged as COVID went from a problem that would impact us for a “few months” to one that has taken hold of nearly a full year and is still raging with little end in sight. Actually, 81% of CEOs believed the pandemic would offer new opportunities for growth. The prime takeaway from this indicates that businesses that can adapt and steer into the skid will actually emerge stronger for their struggles. 

Set Up for Success by Embracing the Remote Sale 

As the pandemic kept its hold on our 2020 summer, we saw a steep increase in phone calls to dealerships, which were 4% higher in July when compared to pre-COVID numbers. Instead of showing up in showrooms and service departments, consumers turned to the phone to conduct their purchasing. Prospects were still able to acquire a new car and vehicle owners were able to receive the service they needed, all without the personal touch they were avoiding. 

Dealers hoping to continue with pandemic proofing can take their direction from the skyrocketing call volumes and adjust their approach. In times of COVID, dealers are seeing approximately 80% of leads originate with their phone calls. Shifting focus to put more effort toward managing those calls offers dealerships a way to emerge from the pandemic with solid numbers.

Focus on the Future

When you can’t grow your staff to attend to higher call volume — but improved attention to phone calls is a necessity — it’s time to opt for call management technology. 

Fine tune your call processes and embrace the remote sale to emerge victorious when the pandemic finally comes to a blissful end.

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