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9 Reasons Why Direct Mail Helps Dealers Win Customers

Automotive dealers, like you, have a tough job when it comes to customer acquisition. With so much competition for prospects’ attention, it can be difficult to start a relationship with them.


Robb Azaren is the Owner of Direct 2 Dealer Marketing LLC.

Automotive dealers, like you, have a tough job when it comes to customer acquisition. With so much competition for prospects’ attention, it can be difficult to start a relationship with them.

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So, what should you do?

In a world where 74 percent of people feel overwhelmed by email and they distrust pop-up ads, you can set yourself apart by capitalizing on direct mail’s uniqueness and effectiveness.

1. It Gets a Better Response Than Other Channels
The response rates for direct mail are better than other direct marketing media and have improved over time. In 2017, the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) reported that direct mail’s response rate was 2.9 percent for prospect lists and 5.1 percent for house lists.

2. It Enables You to Target Effectively
Direct mail marketing offers incredible targeting capability. In fact, the ability to target your audience accurately with a mailing list is arguably the most important part of direct mail.

Direct Marketing Success Rule
40 percent of your campaign’s success depends on the mailing list.
20 percent of your campaign’s success depends on the creative.
40 percent of your campaign’s success depends on the offer.

With different characteristics to choose from, you can target your ideal prospect with pinpoint accuracy — down to the household- or individual-level.

3. Direct Mail Is More Trusted
When you send a direct mail piece to someone, they are more likely to trust your message.


In an independent survey where consumers were asked which channels they trust more when making a purchasing decision, a whopping 76 percent said they trusted direct mail. Perhaps even more interesting, consumers appeared to trust traditional advertising channels over digital channels when making a purchase.

4. It’s More Persuasive
In one recent study, a neuromarketing research firm found direct mail’s motivation response is 20 percent higher than digital media’s. In other words, direct mail more effectively persuades readers than digital does.

5. Direct Mail is More Memorable
Getting your message remembered by your audience is difficult. Time is a valuable commodity, and everyone is busy.

Studies prove that direct mail is memorable; more memorable than digital media.
Direct mail “involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations.”
Mail generated “more brain responses connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater ‘internalization’ of the ads.”

6. Limitless Creativity Allows You to Engage Your Audience’s Senses in Unique Ways
When it comes to creativity in direct mail, the sky is the limit. Multiple formats abound in direct marketing. You can choose letters with custom envelopes or extra-large or thick postcards, your choices are virtually endless.


7. You Can Focus on Likely Buyers by Using Predictive Modeling
When you use predictive modeling for your direct mail campaigns, you can improve your results significantly. Instead of an educated guess at who you should mail to, a scientific approach identifies the attributes that are predictive indicators that someone is likely to buy from you.

8. It Allows You to Reach All Age Groups
According to a Marketing Charts study, direct mail was found to be the top purchase influencer among Baby Boomers, beating recommendations from friends and family.

Remember that many people ignore their inbox, but almost everyone checks their mail daily.

9. Combine Direct Mail with Digital for a Powerful Multichannel Effect
Direct mail, combined with digital, makes for a powerful combination.

For example, you can send your audience an email introducing your offer, then send a mail piece that more thoroughly explains your offer, then follow-up again with an email.

You can also combine direct mail with digital display where you continuously display an ad over the course of several weeks while sending one or two mail pieces during that same period.


Whether you look at the incredible response rates, the trust factor, the targeting or the persuasiveness, direct mail is an effective way to gain more customers.

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