Top Features to Mention in Walkaround Inventory Videos

Top Features to Mention in Walkaround Inventory Videos

Your goal with this video is to sell the vehicle, not just pique the car shopper’s interest. The more features you highlight, the faster that vehicle will sell.

A typical vehicle display page (VDP) listing mentions all of the features that automakers think are important, like horsepower, MPG and performance. Listings also include key features such as back-up cameras, wheel type and infotainment information.

This is all vital information and certainly car shoppers take note of these features as they are searching for a vehicle. But what about the features they want that are not listed on the VDP? 

A major benefit of making live walkaround inventory videos is that you can do an energetic sales presentation designed to make car shoppers want that vehicle — the one in your inventory — not the one down the street.

To create an effective sales presentation, it helps to know what consumers really want.

Survey Says

Recently AutoPacific completed its 2022 Future Attribute Demand Study (FADS), designed to better understand consumer demand for vehicle features and technology. This year’s study drew responses from more than 11,000 people who plan to purchase a car in the next three years. These are the top 10 desired features in a vehicle.

1. Wireless charging pad for front passengers — 47%
2. Sunroof/moonroof — 44%
3. All-wheel drive/ 4X4 — 41%
4. Dash camera — 41%
5. Front and rear parking sensors — 41%
6. Heated front seats — 40%
7. Ventilated/cooled front seats — 40%
8. Distracted/drowsy driver monitoring — 39%
9. Tire fill complete alert — 39%
10. USB-C outlets — 38%

If a vehicle in your inventory has any of these features, be sure to show and mention them in a walkaround inventory video!

It’s interesting that the only design features on this list are the sunroof/moonroof and AWD/4WD. The rest of the desired features reveal that technology, safety and comfort are top priorities for today’s car buyers. Keep that in mind as you review vehicle features before you shoot an inventory video. If the vehicle has features that are not on this list, but are related to technology, safety and comfort, highlight those features in your video.

Show & Tell

As you plan your walkaround inventory video, consider shooting in this order: 

First, show the exterior of the vehicle, doing a complete walkaround. If it’s pre-owned, be sure to show any dings or scratches. Next, show the wheels and tires. This is the time to mention if the vehicle has features such as a sunroof or a tire fill complete alert.

Next, take the car shopper inside the vehicle. This is where you focus on comfort, safety and technology. Tell the viewer if the seats are cloth or leather, and mention if they are heated or cooled. Are they power seats? Mention that as well, as that was a top-wanted feature in the AutoPacific 2021 survey.

Next, move on to safety. This is where you show and tell features like the parking sensors, dash camera, drowsy driver system and back-up cameras. Does the vehicle have an NHTSA 5-star safety rating? Don’t leave that out!

Next, show any additional technology features such as the wireless charging pad and USB-C outlets. Also, show the infotainment system and briefly touch on its features.

Last but not least, and not mentioned on this list, is trunk space. This is something consumers don’t think about, but they all want to know. Open the trunk and show car shoppers how much room they have for luggage and other items.

If this seems like a lot to cover in a walkaround inventory video, that’s OK! Do not worry about keeping the length of the video under two minutes or some such ridiculous rule. The reality is, if a consumer is interested in a vehicle, they will watch the entire video, even if it’s five or six minutes long. Your goal with this video is to sell the vehicle, not just pique the car shopper’s interest. The more features you highlight, the faster that vehicle will sell.

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