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Top Features to Mention in Walkaround Inventory Videos

Your goal with this video is to sell the vehicle, not just pique the car shopper’s interest. The more features you highlight, the faster that vehicle will sell.

Merchandising Strategies from Online Disruptors

Your online merchandising needs to rival Carvana’s. Here’s how to generate that emotional attachment.

4 Videos That Digital Retail Customers Demand

Videos are the only way to provide a showroom-like experience without being physically present. Start with these four videos for every vehicle on your VDPs.

4 Videos That Digital Retail Customers Demand
The Perfect Lead Response Video

Videos take just one or two minutes to make, but the impact they have on your lead response metrics is substantial.

3 Video Marketing FAQs, Answered

You spend a lot of money to bring car shoppers to your website, here are ways to keep them there for as long as possible.

DealerCenter Selects FlickFusion to Power Video & Interactive Presentations

The partnership makes it easy for used car dealerships to create and use videos and interactive 360 spin presentations for inventory merchandising and lead follow up.

Video Victory

See how a digital retail and video content strategy at Wiers Chevrolet GMC has helped the small store achieve a wide reach.

Build an Amazing Video Strategy Today

Want to build an amazing video marketing strategy? Listen in on this webinar recording to see how you can utilize technology to maximize the impact of your video content.

Podcast: Getting Better Video Engagement

Tim James of FlickFusion discusses how videos can help dealers engage with their customers and overcome negative stereotypes.

Leverage the Power of Video on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching new customers and influencing purchase behavior.

3 Hot Video Trends for 2021

Consider expanding your video marketing strategy in 2021. Take advantage of these hot video trends to connect with more customers and exceed their expectations.

Let’s Get Interactive

Interactive video presentations transform the consumer shopping experience by offering them total control.