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Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2020

Looking to identify innovative businesses that break the mold? Check out the Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2020.

Although the automotive industry continues to evolve around the way consumers research, buy and service vehicles, dealers continue to compete, implementing marketing strategies and technologies with the hope it will drive new sales and service business as well as retain existing customers. With hundreds of companies offering “the best” services — from niche programs to full-service marketing campaigns — dealers are bombarded by a time-consuming, often confusing research process that doesn’t always yield effective results. As a result, we are releasing the Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2020 to help dealers identify innovative businesses breaking the mold in the industry. In summary, the companies on this list are leading the industry and achieving measurable results for some of the most demanding and successful dealerships, associations and OEMs in the automotive space.

Check out these Top 10 Companies and much more in our January 2020 issue.

Advid is an automated dynamic video solution revolutionizing video marketing in the automotive industry. It automatically produces unlimited high-quality video ads on the fly and uploads them nightly to YouTube, making it the most scalable and cost-effective platform on the market. Each ad meets all state and OEM-compliance regulations as well as reflects every change in vehicle pricing, incentive, disclaimer and more. Advid helps dealers reach the ideal audience with the relevant video messaging every single time. With Advid, video marketing is easy for everyone — OEMs, associations, dealers and their agencies — providing unlimited videos that trigger store visit attributions for accounts that qualify through Google. While the automotive industry’s average cost-per-view is $0.12 with only a 20% view rate, Advid’s cost-per-view is $0.05 with 36.57%. Stellar performance means that this platform gives customers more reach for less cost that garners real results. Experience the true potential of video — with the ease of unlimited creative automation in just one click with Advid.

2020 NADA Booth #4288C | | 703-783-4650

Team Velocity is an automotive agency with artificial intelligence technology that is revolutionizing the industry — and how dealers sell and service cars. Their proprietary technology platform, Apollo, is made by dealers for dealers. It analyzes sales and service data to predict who will buy, what they will buy and when they are ready to service. Apollo generates dynamic, offer-based campaigns across all channels, including search, display, social, pre-roll, email, text, direct mail, personal websites and landing pages. Eliminate the risk of traditional marketing when you market with Team Velocity and Apollo, which provides the ultimate consumer experience across every touchpoint — both on desktop and mobile. Team Velocity and Apollo’s site of capabilities successfully increases revenue and efficiencies for both dealerships and original equipment manufacturers. Predict, track, sell and service more customers with Team Velocity’s human-fueled creativity combined with the innovative, fully automated AI platform of Apollo.

2020 NADA Booth #4288C | | 703-783-9572

Tier10 (founded in 2008) is a full-service advertising agency specializing in Tier 2 automotive. The agency has worked with some of the largest dealership groups and dealer associations in the country. Since focusing exclusively on the Honda and Acura associations, Tier10’s custom, regionally tailored creative and digital and data-driven marketing strategies has successfully and substantially increased its clients’ market share, simultaneously raising the industry standard for automotive social and creative marketing. This includes the Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers, who have been outperforming their zone (7.65+%) and the nation (4.22+%) since signing on with Tier10 two years ago, as well as the Northwest Honda Dealers who have had a 5% year-over-year increase and a 4% increase in the nation while working with the agency. Tier10 has gained recognition from not only dealers — Gulf Coast Honda Dealers chose them as their Digital Agency of Record — but from industry and national media outlets, including Automotive News, Motor Trend and the Wall Street Journal. Go where results matter at Tier10. | 888-293-7584

SOCIALDEALER is the premier social and reputation agency located in the Washington, DC area. With an entire Facebook Blueprint Certified team, SOCIALDEALER continues to set best practices for social in the industry. Put any dealership on top with social advertising (Facebook Blueprint Certified Management), organic social management, reputation management with review generation, Facebook Marketplace, SEO and content management, and cause marketing. SOCIALDEALER helps dealers communicate directly with customers in real-time with high-quality, consistent messaging and allows them to target new in-market shoppers and buyers with ease. Dealerships will build business, increase engagement and drive customer retention and loyalty. Sell and service more cars profitably through social media with the social experts at SOCIALDEALER.

2020 NADA Booth #4288C | | 866-673-7887

CarSaver, Walmart’s exclusive auto-buying program, utilizes relationships with Fortune 500 companies to deliver unique, private appointments to a hand-selected network of Certified CarSaver dealerships — and they close above 50%. These exclusive, one-dealer-to-one-customer appointments average a sale in seven days and have a 10-times higher close rate. With CarSaver, consumers can find the best new and used cars across a plethora of top brands and browse dealer-picked prices that include lifetime warranties on payments to finance, leases and insurances on their selected car. Get the best deal through hassle-free car buying with CarSaver. | 800-755-1327

OfferLogix substantially increases customer engagement through accurate, compelling and compliant payment options that pull customers deeper into the sales funnel. Every program offered by every lender the dealership uses is evaluated to provide customers the most relevant and attractive loan and lease payments on all new and used vehicles in the dealership’s inventory. Don’t sacrifice hefty profit margins: OfferLogix gives dealers the capability to display real payments on real vehicles through multiple mediums — dealer websites, social media and their unique digital marketing — and enables them to standardize payment offers and disclaimers across the board. While most new car dealers advertise static payments on their website, OfferLogix allows dealers to advertise specific vehicles to specific consumers — including each vehicle’s MSRP, disclaimer, cost, features and more. By providing the actual vehicle in that dealer’s inventory, the platform eliminates the disconnect between the customer, the generic advertisement with the perceived cost and the dealership. Unique technology accurately calculates lease and loan payments according to OEM national and regional program guidelines, with applicable rebates, incentives and display already factored in. With OfferLogix, consistently and easily attract, engage and convert more customers with relevant and real lease and loan payments across all marketing mediums. | 512-431-5677

RedCap is changing the way customers experience “out of dealership” purchases and services — creating a more seamless, efficient journey that gives customers back their time and peace of mind. Studies show that out-of-store sales and service experiences improve customer retention, bringing it to 92% for in-warranty and 85% for out-of-warranty — and because they’re enjoying it so much more than in-store, they are spending an average of $298 more per RO. With RedCap’s technology, dealerships can provide customers with the same options out-of-store as in-store when servicing their vehicle — such as same day pick-up and delivery. This purpose-built platform for auto retailers provides an easy, efficient and branded experience for not only customers, but dealers as well. It integrates with a dealership’s DMS and branding for quick booking and powerful reporting, and uses that store’s processes and rules to complete service tickets or line up customers for test drives when service appointments are booked. RedCap also offers Lyft integration, which allows for Shuttle OnDemand, Parts OnDemand, Roadside OnDemand and Lyft credits. This option enables dealers to eliminate costly shuttle vans, reduce loaner fleets and reduce reliance on rental cars and is available with no set-up hassle, no monthly subscription, no minimums and dealer-determined spend. RedCap is rewriting the way customers and dealers engage in transactions and spend their time and money.  | 954-889-1810

Conversica provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants for customer engagement, helping organizations attract, grow and retain customers. First launched in 2009, the flagship Conversica Sales AI Assistant has over a decade of expertise helping companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by autonomously contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, two-way conversations. Reaching out to over 100 million people on behalf of thousands of companies, Conversica’s AI Assistants are built on a proven and patented intelligent automation platform, integrating natural language understanding, decision and policy management, natural language generation, autonomous action chains and deep learning capabilities that engage prospects over multiple communication channels and in multiple languages. | 888-778-1004

CallRevu is the leader in conversation intelligence for the automotive industry, focused on call data, monitoring and optimizing the customer experience. CallRevu tracks, listens, summarizes, reports and coaches on all phone data analytics for dealers, which is the source for more than 70% of sales. CallRevu’s solutions are 100% automotive-centric to help dealers increase call-to-appointment conversations and improve call connectivity by 38%. CallRevu’s prescriptive actions and deal-saving alerts, sent via text and/or email, help dealers quickly connect with customers, with a click-to-call, for a better customer experience and outcomes. CallRevu seamlessly syncs with dealers’ CRMs and has 24/7 phone line monitoring to quickly identify negative impacts on a customer’s ability to connect so that remedies can be enacted immediately, all backed by in-depth reporting and free access to training resources. Learn how CallRevu can help you transform your phones into connections, conversations and concrete sales. | 833-484-8122

YouTube is an online video destination for people to watch, create and share engaging videos — whether personal or brand related. With more than 1 billion hours being watched daily by over 2 billion monthly users, it has become the second-most trafficked website and is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube is crucial to increase reach, brand awareness, visibility and engagement with a variety of audiences, including millennials, boomers and Gen Z. YouTube also plays a part in the automotive purchase process: 75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases and 40% of auto shoppers who used online video for research said it helped them discover vehicles with video content such as test drives, which has grown 65% in watch time over the course of the year. Automotive dealers have the ability to create a channel, upload video content, along with marketing options to drive engagement with audiences and consumers.

*stats from a 2019 Hubspot article |  

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