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Paycheck Protection Planner Portal Launched to Help Businesses Navigate, Secure Coronavirus Stimulus Loans, an independent resource portal that helps small businesses navigate the complex web of the federal stimulus funds available, so they can quickly secure the funds they need to cover payroll and keep their people employed, was launched this week.

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The digital portal offers free tools and resources to help businesses get fast funding through the stimulus program, which offers up to $10M of forgivable funds to cover overhead during the crisis.

Everything on the portal is provided for free by a group of business owners who’ve already successfully navigated the complicated maze of the stimulus application process. The group felt compelled to share everything they learned with others facing the same unprecedented challenges they faced. The creators of the PPP Portal are not bankers, accountants, lawyers or representatives of any government agency, they are business owners who want to help others at a critical time for all American business owners who want to keep their doors open and their employees on payroll.

The Paycheck Protection Planner provides practical tools and resources to help businesses navigate the complicated web of stimulus programs, so they can get them the most forgivable stimulus funding available, as fast as possible, before funds run out. 


Paycheck Protection Planner Portal Highlights:

  • PPP Stimulus Playbook provides tools and resources to help businesses get the maximum forgivable funds available that they don’t have to pay back. 
  • Fast Funding Action Plan streamlines the otherwise cumbersome application process, so businesses can get more funds, faster.
  • Multimedia tutorials of the stimulus program rules, with animated FAQs, fact sheets and action plans to help businesses secure fast funding.
  • Corona Calculator — an interactive calculator that automates the complicated calculations to quickly determine the maximum stimulus funds available for their business and what businesses need to do to get full forgiveness of the loans.
  • Corona Crisis Playbook is a comprehensive guide to operational excellence in crisis, with over 30 guides and playbooks that provide best practices to help businesses survive during the crisis and thrive through the recovery. The playbook shares best practices for:
    • Acquiring and Conserving Capital
    • Crisis Planning
    • Fast Funding Strategies
    • Capital Management & Conservation
    • Crisis Communications
    • Human Resources
    • Facility Management
    • Operational Excellence in Crisis.

“The Paycheck Protection Planner was launched by business founders who wanted to help other founders make use of these government loans so they can keep as many employees on payroll for as long as possible,” said Sean Wolfington, chairman of the Wolfington Companies and CarSaver at Walmart, and one of the creators of the Paycheck Protection Planner portal.


“For these companies, the biggest challenge is timing since, as small businesses, they have neither the cash to float themselves through the crisis nor time to navigate the legislation and program rules to secure federal stimulus loans,” Wolfington continued.

“Business owners are on the front lines of this crisis. We’re not just seeing it, but feeling the direct impact of the devastation,” said Brian Benstock, general manager of New York-based Paragon Honda.

“The stimulus program is right on time, but it was too complicated and confusing to figure out at first. The Planner gave us a track to run on, and made it easy to understand and apply the right way, to secure stimulus funds to keep our employees on payroll, so we can get everyone back to 100% as quickly as possible,” Benstock added.


“Small businesses are the heartbeat of the American economy and right now are hurting badly,” said Chad Collier, co-founder/CEO of CarSaver at Walmart. “With the Paycheck Protection Planner Portal, we’re doing what we can to help make a difference, just like every small business owner in this country.”

“The Paycheck Protection Planner Portal gathers the best resources out there for businesses looking to cover their overhead and navigate this crisis,” said David Boice, co-founder/CEO of Team Velocity. “We’re doing everything we can to make it easier and faster for businesses to get funding so they can make payroll and support the families they serve. We will weather this storm and we will emerge stronger — just as we have so many times before in our nation’s history.”

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