Orbee and EMG Integrate to Activate Audiences

Orbee and EMG Integrate to Activate Audiences

Orbee’s data management continues to expand with EMG's white glove approach to CTV and streaming audio advertising.

Orbee, a customer experience middleware for the automotive industry, announced an integration with EMG, a streaming advertising measurement and optimization solution for the automotive industry. This integration makes it easy for dealership groups with internal agencies to bring these burgeoning channels in-house and to activate complex advertising audiences and journey-based advertising through streaming campaigns on connected television and radio.

With streaming channels becoming increasingly prevalent for audience engagement, dealerships must tap into this channel to reach their in-market car shoppers centered around their first-party data. Orbee’s middleware empowers dealers to orchestrate audiences by interconnecting a wide array of data sources. These sources include first-party data from dealers’ management systems (DMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and website as well as third-party enrichment providers. Data enrichment supplements existing databases with valuable information such as vehicle ownership, income, lifestyle, behavioral scores and other relevant attributes. Dealers can also effectively conquest new audiences from a variety of sources, expanding their overall reach. These refined audiences across a dealership group can then be leveraged within EMG’s platform for targeting in connected media campaigns. This makes streaming TV and radio a viable channel worth automating with new technology.

The integration streamlines the campaign planning and execution process, beginning with building a specific audience with attributes that would resonate with the creative for a streaming TV video ad or a digital audio ad. Once the audience is built within Orbee, it is pushed to EMG’s platform where users can also decide what placements would be best suited to their audience and campaign. EMG has a seat on all of the major programmatic ad buying platforms as well as relationships with the top streaming service providers in the country.

“We are excited to integrate with EMG to provide large dealership groups with another way to reach their active car shoppers across all the media channels where they consume content today,” stated Atul Patel, co-founder and CEO of Orbee.

Patel was involved in the early days of streaming video and audio, participating in the IAB committee that created the original VAST and VPAID tags and bringing dynamic video ad serving to connected TV operating systems and apps.

“This integration furthers our goal to make these channels viable by streamlining the activation, creative and measurement process with our middleware,” said Patel.

“By pairing Orbee’s advanced segmentation and analytics with EMG’s extensive media buying expertise, large dealership groups can now trace the effectiveness of specific segments and ads and adjust their strategies dynamically for the greatest chance of a qualified buyer walking through their door,” stated Brett Hall, vice president of sales and marketing at EMG.

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