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Back to the Fundamentals of Selling, Post-COVID

Has your sales team gotten “COVID-lazy”? Here’s what you can do to turn them around.

COVID-19 Changed the Way We Buy and Use Our Vehicles, Chase Auto Survey Finds

Nearly half of Americans are driving less than before the COVID-19 pandemic, but don’t ask them to give up their cars, a new survey from Chase Auto found. 

The State of Social Media in a COVID Recovery Period

When we couldn’t flock to physical stores or car dealerships, we flocked to digital storefronts. And we were often led there via social media.

CarMD Finds Vehicle Owners in California Paid Most, Ohio Paid Least for Check Engine Light-Related Car Repairs in 2020

Hawaii and Nevada, both heavily impacted by COVID-19 economic woes, are among states with the most dramatic drop in index ranking.

What’s Your COVID-19 Recovery Plan? Used Vehicle Sales Are Key

Your used vehicle inventory can and should be a big part of your plan. By tracking and improving your reconditioning process, you can ensure you maximize that potential.

The Evolved Consumer Journey

What it means for dealerships’ marketing strategies.

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How the Chip Shortage May Impact Manufacturer Incentive Programs

The shortage will make accurate incentives and rebate setting more challenging for the manufacturers.

Podcast: Adapting the Customer Experience for COVID-19

Mike Cochrane of Cafection | Evoca discusses how dealerships can still provide customer comforts while keeping them safe.

Disinfectant Vehicle Service EPA Approved To Kill COVID-19

Diamond Premium Care kills viruses and bacteria that inhabit auto interiors and circulate through vehicle HVAC systems.

Increase in Digital Automotive Retail Due to Pandemic Paves Way for New Normal, J.D. Power Finds

See how lasting effects of the pandemic will make it imperative for dealers to step up their digital offerings to remain competitive.

Using the 7 Factor & Educating Customers on Your COVID Policy

Dealers can develop more effective advertising and social media strategies by incorporating and applying the 7 Factor.

How Does the Pandemic Change Dealer Marketing?

The move to a stronger online strategy in 2020 provides marketers with the opportunity to further elevate their marketing efforts.