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Manheim Ramps Up Investment to Deliver the Digital Marketplace of the Future for Buyers and Sellers

Online inventory channels help dealers and commercial sellers develop more cost-effective wholesale operations, reach broader audiences and increase their satisfaction with transactions.

Manheim continues its mission to deliver the industry’s top destination for wholesale vehicle buyers and sellers and will invest over $100 million in its digital marketplace from 2018 through 2019. Manheim has been enhancing its digital platforms, from OVE to RMS Automotive and Simulcast — giving dealers a faster, easier and more efficient experience wherever and however they want to do business. The latest enhancements include the launch of the Manheim Express mobile app, and the forthcoming launch of a full-service concierge service, which will offer specially trained advisors to help dealers maximize vehicle listings and profitability.

“With wave after wave of enhancements, we are delivering a future-proof digital marketplace,” said Nick Peluso, president of Manheim Digital Marketplace and RMS Automotive. “We are committed to delivering an omni-channel marketplace that dealers can tap that offers the type of choices they need to compete and thrive in today’s fast-moving used vehicle marketplace.”

Online inventory channels help dealers and commercial sellers develop more cost-effective wholesale operations, reach broader audiences and increase their satisfaction with transactions. Increasingly they are embracing this way to do business, recognizing they can move inventory faster online with 24/7 access to buyers and sellers. In fact, Manheim experienced significant digital acquisition growth with 45 percent of all vehicles sold to a digital buyer during the first half of 2018, up from 39 percent in 2017.

On OVE, Manheim’s leading open digital marketplace, Manheim has invested in a complete overhaul of the vehicle search experience, bringing faster performance and greater personalization. The site now learns from each user’s searches and purchases to present the most relevant set of results possible. Sellers will see a significantly improved selling experience in 2019 as well. Enhancements will cascade to other platforms in the Manheim Marketplace, including and Simulcast in the coming months.

Commercial sellers who desire a branded private digital store benefit from faster time to sell and a larger, national bidding audience online through RMS Automotive. The enhancements serve sellers and their buyers alike, with a mobile-friendly buyer experience, direct integration with advanced Decision Support tools, greater level of personalization and a high degree of configurability, allowing for quicker turn-around. Manheim has also begun integrating RMS Automotive’s platform with key systems to support visibility and management for cars located both on dealer lots and at Manheim locations to support multi-channel sales.

In the off-site market, digital adoption is expected to increase as features and integrations are added to Manheim Express, including:

  • Manheim Express App for Android now available for free download on Google Play.
  • Full-service concierge service that will provide clients a dedicated person who will partner with them on full lifecycle management of listings in the app.
  • An updated and improved imaging process that delivers improvements to the revolutionary 360⁰ imaging that only Manheim Express offers.
  • Integration with vAuto Provision to help dealers make smarter inventory decisions and list their inventory into the Manheim Marketplace faster and easier than ever before.
  • Dedicated mobile buy-side experience, making it easier for dealers to buy with Manheim – any vehicle, anywhere, anytime.
  • Inventory management dashboard that allows Manheim Express dealers to more easily manage their listings and redeem Guaranteed First Bids.

“The Manheim Express app makes it easy to list a vehicle in minutes, with the best imaging in the industry, simple seller disclosures and our Guaranteed First Bid, giving the dealer a hard cash back-up to support the trade-in process” said Derek Hansen, vice president of offsite at Manheim. “And coming soon, we’ll be able to offer a full  Concierge service for the dealers who prefer not to list cars themselves. We’re excited to deploy this force of highly-trained, consultative specialists who can help our dealers maximize efficiency and profitability.”

Manheim Express

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