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Manheim Boosts Investment in Simulcast Technology as Dealer Usage Continues to Rise

As use of this digital auction platform continues to grow, Manheim is boosting its investment and improving its dealer experience by adding new features.

Rise Above the Market and Maximize Profitability

While 2019 holds some challenges for dealerships, investing in the right solutions and coming up with creative ways to cut costs will help your business stay profitable.

Podcast: Recognizing Signals for Employee Training

Steve Robinson, vice president of sales for KeyTrak, joins us to talk about recognizing signals to know when it’s time for employee training.

How to Get an 800% Return on Investment

Dealers are becoming more and more aggressive in selling used vehicles in search of a substantial return on investment (ROI). I’m confident you will agree that it is critically important for all dealers to earn the highest possible ROI on every single investment they make.

Just Because You Have New Technology, Doesn’t Make You Compliant

Not long ago, I was visiting with a dealer and the recent rash of articles concerning compliance came up. As I shared what I knew on the subject and the current climate concerning fines and penalties, the dealer sat back, smiled and said, “I’m good. We use a menu.”

Manheim Ramps Up Investment to Deliver the Digital Marketplace of the Future for Buyers and Sellers

Online inventory channels help dealers and commercial sellers develop more cost-effective wholesale operations, reach broader audiences and increase their satisfaction with transactions.

Are You Making What You Should in Fixed Ops? Part 2

Implementing changes and the training process dealerships need to provide your fixed operations team with the skills they need to accomplish their goals.

What Do Metallica, Miles Davis and Maroon 5 Have in Common?

Everyone seems to want a clear picture of what’s going on, and why shouldn’t we? We deserve a clear view on the success and failure of the dollars that we are committing to digital advertising — all advertising for that matter.