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Inspiring a Positive Culture

Practice three things to improve communication: positivity, respect and productive relationships

With the rapidly changing and attention-grabbing technology, social media, 24/7 communication and the fight to retain talent and maintain relationships in a dealership, how does one keep composure and keep his or her priorities straight when it comes to communications that can result effective and efficient outcomes? Consider practicing three things:

Set the Stage for Intentional Dialogue — Consider dialogue as a reciprocal conversation and an interaction between at least two participants. This means there is a give-and-take interaction that fosters the stage for clear and respectful two-way learning.

Make the Participants Feel Like They are the Only Thing that Matters at that Time — Be fully engaged in only that interaction at that moment; be present and give them your full attention.

Tune Out the Noise and Other Distractions — Only in this way can you participate in fully engaged listening to comprehend and practice in meaningful dialogue/conversations that can result in positive and productive outcomes.

What are the results of effective communication?

· You build more positive, respectful and caring relationships.

· You foster an environment that is more efficient and effective.

Imagine what your organization or relationships could be if you make a point of promoting improved communication!

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