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Why Should The Customer Come Back to You?

Be the dealership that stands above the rest when it comes to treating customers right; they’ll reward you with their loyalty and their future sales.

Looking to Improve Your F&I Department? Rethink Your People Strategy

To remain competitive in today’s retail automotive space, each step of the car-buying process must be a positive experience for customers. From salespeople to F&I employees, your team must prioritize customer satisfaction.

Do You Know What’s Going on in Your Service Department?

In the processes of operating a busy service department, even the best leaders and managers can lose track of big-picture concepts, such as your team’s performance, attitude and morale.

Podcast: Risk Factors for Workplace Harassment, Part 2

Compli’s Kynzie Sims returns to finish our discussion about risk factors for workplace harassment at dealerships and how to avoid them. (Part 2 of 2)

Podcast: Risk Factors for Workplace Harassment, Part 1

Compli’s Kynzie Sims speaks with us about risk factors for workplace harassment at dealerships and how to avoid them (Part 1 of 2).

Kynzie Sims podcast
Five Steps to Combat Workplace Harassment

“The best thing,” Roppolo said, “is to find yourself not in court, not dealing with those situations, by combating harassment proactively.” In other words, if you don’t want to deal with a legal dispute the aftermath of harassment, don’t let harassment happen in the first place.

Inspire a Positive Culture! Practice Three Things to Improve Communication, Positivity, Respect and Productive Relationships

With the rapidly changing and attention grabbing technology, social media, 24/7 communication, and the fight to retain talent and relationships, how does one keep composure and keep it straight to communicate that can result effective and efficient outcomes? Consider practicing three things:

Leaders: Either Change or FAIL

Leaders in automobile dealerships across the U.S. are inundated daily with shouts that they must change or they are going to get left behind and fail. My question is: Change may be necessary, but are we listening to others or asking questions ourselves? And secondly, are we asking the right questions?

Inspiring a Positive Culture

Practice three things to improve communication: positivity, respect and productive relationships