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How to Unlock the Sales Potential of Today’s Generation

Put these principles to the top of mind in your organization and you will unlock the sales potential of today’s generation.

The 7 Culture Killers

By giving team members a work environment conducive for success, we’re providing them a launch pad so they can soar.

Evaluating the Viability of AI in the Workplace

As workplace applications of artificial intelligence become the norm, organizational leaders will face a bevy of new challenges

Culture and Client Interface

In our ever-evolving business climate, what is the essential KPI for delivering a good customer experience? What is more valuable to the business? A satisfied client or a loyal client?

Leadership Podcast: Understanding a Company’s Culture

We’ve returned to some of our past guests to ask them how they help a new employee understand the culture of their organization.

Create Leaders, Not Managers

Let’s indulge in semantics for a moment. A manager is someone who instructs or controls a group of people. They delegate tasks, oversee projects or organize a team. Managers are important, certainly. They keep the lights on for business to run as usual.

Podcast: Workplace Culture

Scotty Reiss, founder of A Girls Guide to Cars, joins us to discuss workplace culture and the Women in Automotive Industry Conference.

Pros and Cons of Internal vs. External BDCs

Only one thing is certain; inbound phone calls are still the best low-funnel leads, so make sure they’re handled properly.

Rapid Dealership Culture Assessment

Finding great people is one of the biggest challenges for dealerships. In today’s fast-paced business environment, most of us spend the majority of our waking weekday hours at work, so recruiting great talent isn’t just good for business, it’s essential to fueling a positive workplace culture.

Sales Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Don’t you wish your salesforce sold twice as much as your competitors, your business was extremely profitable and your salespeople and customers loved you? Is this even possible?

Podcast: Recognizing Signals for Employee Training

Steve Robinson, vice president of sales for KeyTrak, joins us to talk about recognizing signals to know when it’s time for employee training.

Struggling to Find Great Talent? Consider Candidates Without a Degree

In a super tight labor market, the old ways of hiring no longer hack it. Here are eight tips to improve your chances of finding a great employee — and some of them may surprise you.