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Does Your Company Care About the Environment as Much as Consumers Do?

Studies show sustainability is a factor driving customers’ buying decisions.

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Hire for Attitude, Not Skills

High employee turnover continues to be a top concern for car dealers, and a strong economy with low unemployment rates doesn’t help.

Process Unification Combined with Personalized Customer Experience Creates Winning Opportunity

By leveraging more targeted marketing to better match customers with vehicles before they walk into a showroom, dealers and lenders will ensure the right inventory and financing options are available when the customer arrives at the dealership.

Podcast: Growing and Utilizing Your Salespeople’s Abilities

Noel Walsh, CEO of NW&A Sales Training, joins us to discuss growing and utilizing the abilities of our salespeople.

Is That a Dollar Store, an Online Retailer or a Dealership? Can You Customers Tell the Difference

Digital retail service providers sell dealers on their services by claiming to have a unique and perfect digital retail experience. The thought is that this is what online consumers expect after using Amazon for retail purchases. Why then do these providers pretend that the in-store experience for retail auto sales should be cookie cutter and dry?

Podcast: Making Shop Doors a Design Priority

Joe Jones of Hormann High Performance Doors on why you should make your service and shop doors a design priority at your dealership.

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Inspiring a Positive Culture

Practice three things to improve communication: positivity, respect and productive relationships

Take Care of Your People

Encourage each employee to seek mentors who complement their backgrounds and interests. And don’t just verbalize these positive reinforcements. Be proactive and mentor others. Continue to do what you have to do to grow. Take a class, volunteer or get involved in your community.