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Can You Answer These Core Questions?

If you can reframe the experience of buying a vehicle at your dealership using this mindset, you change the fundamental relationship you will have with all your customers.

2022: Lead the Way, or Get Left Behind

The automotive industry has changed and your success will be dependent upon your ability to adapt and change along with it. 

Putting Communication In Front of the Car

Communication is key, so don’t leave your vendors in the dark. The industry’s most agile vendor management tool automatically keeps you and your vendors in sync to produce the right repair at the right time.

3 Ways to Improve Internal Dealership Communication

Better communication between employees and departments will help your dealership operate more efficiently and provide a better experience for your customers. Here are three ways to improve communication at your dealership.

Writing Emails That Work

Followup. It’s an essential part of the sales process that often is overlooked. By following a few guidelines and creating personalized emails that extend your relationships, you will convey your enthusiasm, professionalism and sincerity in your communication — and, of course, close more business.

Podcast: Outflanking the Competition

Michael Salicco joins us to discuss outflanking the competition with proven data-driven marketing.

Car Buying Should Not Resemble a Hostage Situation

Many dealerships embody high standards and seek to improve the customer experience but find it challenging to boost consumer confidence. Here are a few ways to provide a positive collaborative experience for your customers.

Just Text Me

Text is now the preferred method of communications for U.S. adults. It has a 99% open rate compared to email’s 20% (at best), making it a far more effective form of communication. However, most dealerships’ websites still have countless clever — and annoying — ways to attempt to get a consumer to fill out a lead form.

Preparing for the 2020 Applicant Economy

With the summer sales season in full swing, it might be hard to imagine planning ahead and preparing for the demands next year will hold. But this is the time to start thinking about what is working and what needs to change to set your dealerships up for a successful 2020. Your best bet will be to start planning for the needs of your true competitive advantage: your people.

The Voice of Your Customer

If you’ve been to an automotive industry conference in the past several years, you’ve likely seen service providers offering some combination of artificial intelligence, digital retailing or subscription/alternative ownership solutions. They promise that these features will lead to increased loyalty, customer satisfaction and improved margins.

Is Your Technology Costing You Opportunity?

You now have more tools to provide every single customer with a higher level of service — whether it be in sales, F&I, service, parts or your collision center. This, in return, will produce more sales, increased profits and a customer who will want to come back for all of their automotive needs.

Making the CRM the Hub of All Customer Communications

Even in today’s digital age, a phone call can be the difference between winning or losing a lead. Dealerships are losing the majority of their hottest leads within the first 15 seconds of each call.