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Finding your Audience

Crafting appealing content is the easiest way to make a sale, because readers are already interested in what you have to say. 

Victoria Chadbourne is the content specialist & editor for Wikimotive

Writing content for your dealership is an excellent step toward gaining new customers, but having that content be successful takes a little more work than just putting information onto a page. In order to reach the people who are actually going to read your content and potentially buy the product you are selling, you need to tailor the content to them. 

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Your audience is one of the most important things to consider when writing any type of content for your business. With so many articles and listicles being published every day with the same information you have, it can be hard for prospective car buyers or service customers to even find your content, let alone actually stick around to read it. That’s why it is so important to find your audience before you start writing and create a tailored piece that people will want to interact with. 

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “My audience is anyone I can sell a car to.” While this is a great starting point, I’m afraid your content needs to go a little deeper than that. It should be more targeted. 


Luckily, finding your target audience can be easy, especially for automotive dealers. But let’s backtrack just a bit to planning out your content. When considering what you are going to write, ask yourself these three questions:
1. What is the make, model or service you are focused on selling?
2. Who is going to buy what you’re selling?
3. What is your buyer looking for? 

These three easy questions can help you narrow down your content and topic to reach the people who are actually interested in buying your cars.

1. What is the Make, Model or Service You Are Focused on Selling?

This may seem like an obvious question; after all, you know what products you have to sell, but bear with me. 

Does your dealership focus on selling luxury models? Performance vehicles? Environmentally friendly EVs? Family rides and commuters? How about work trucks?

Chances are, your dealership has a vast combination of these types of vehicles, which is why when you create content, you need to narrow your focus. 

What you are focusing on selling matters because that is how you will answer question 2.

2. Who Is Going to Buy What You Are Selling? (aka Who Is Your Target?) 

Your target demographic is who you are writing for. The person looking for a Ford F-350 for construction work is not the same kind of buyer looking for an environmentally friendly Prius. They are definitely not the same as someone looking for a Cadillac Escalade.


Someone with a lot of money to spend is not the same as the broke college student who just needs an A to B car. 

This leads us into the last question. 

3. What Is Your Buyer Looking For?

You need to look at who you are selling to and what they will find important. 
• A buyer of the F-350 wants to know about the payload and towing capacities.
• A buyer of the Prius cares about fuel economy ratings and safety features.
• A buyer of the Escalade wants to know about luxury interior features and upgraded technology.


You can also reverse this and ask, “Who is my potential buyer, and what can I sell them?”
• A broke college student needs something affordable or used.
• A person with a huge budget wants all of the extra features and amenities you won’t find on the average vehicle (or at least you want to convince them that’s what they want).
• A thrill-seeker wants an adventurous ride like the Wrangler or a sports car like the Camaro.
• A contractor needs a reliable truck with excellent towing capabilities.

Once you have answered these three questions, it becomes easy to create focused, targeted content that will have a better chance of reaching the person who is going to connect with your product. Once you gain that connection, the sales will follow. 


And that’s what this is all about. Finding your target audience and crafting content that appeals to them is the easiest way to make a sale, because your readers are already interested in what you have to say. 

It’s not enough to just write down all of the facts and figures and hope that you catch someone who wants to buy what you are selling. You need to put in the extra effort to create something that will reach those who are actively looking for your product and hook them so that they will choose to buy from you over your competitors. This one extra step can really make a difference for your sales and your search ranking.

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